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Some free advice to Victorinox.

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Re: Some free advice to Victorinox.
Reply #60 on: January 13, 2023, 12:43:13 AM
I respect Victorinox for *not* doing all the things you mentioned...

1. I don't care about scratches on my handles scales. It gives the knife character.

2. I don't care if the liner edges are shiny. Again, character.

3. I feel like the level of polish on the tools is already fairly high and consistent without being unnecessarily so.

4. A "build-your-own" product line *would* be cool, but isn't realistic/profitable from a manufacturing perspective. Using "fancy metal" isn't really part of Victorinox 's brand image, either.

5. I'd LOVE to see a return of the 84mm scissors, but again this is probably a marketing/manufacturing strategy rather than being unable to fix the machine.

6. Creating a line of flippers that "makes all others pale in comparison"?? That's not their market. It's pretty silly to tell a company "Oh, just make the very best end-all-be-all knife EVER", as if it were that simple. And what would the cost be??

Victorinox is who they are and they make what they make. They know their target audience, and frankly it's not the high-speed/low-drag, tacticool, fidget-factor, steel-snob, pocket jewelry crowd. People who buy an SAK buy them to be affordable, reliable tools, and that's what Victorinox provides.

They've been around almost 140 years and make over 500 million in revenue. I think they can manage without your "free advice".

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Re: Some free advice to Victorinox.
Reply #61 on: January 13, 2023, 01:15:48 AM
just make an Alox 93mm Voyageur and get it over with like they did with the Pioneer X when it finally was produced.

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Re: Some free advice to Victorinox.
Reply #62 on: January 13, 2023, 05:28:02 PM
YMMV, but I don’t consider knife blades and scissors redundant.  Sure there’s some overlap, i.e. tasks that could reasonably be done with either.  But for the most part, I use scissors for tasks that would be difficult to accomplish safely and efficiently with a knife blade (e.g. trimming my mustache) and vice versa (e.g. trimming cigars, cutting cardboard and packaging, cutting food).

I can see how multiple knife blades might be redundant for some, but personally I really like having at least a dirty blade and a clean blade.

I actually agree with everything you said here. I personally don't consider a SAK with two knife blades and a pair of scissors to be redundant to the point of being silly.

But there IS still overlap on those tools, even if you and I have decided to use them for different things.

My point was simply that Victorinox does not seem to be a company that is going to let some degree of tool overlap stop them very often, if at all! In fact, a lot of their customers like the overlap because of some of the reasons you mentioned.

So, to me, the argument that a dedicated "package opener" tool of some kind would be redundant is not really a reason to discount the rumors that such a tool is in development. The mock up I have seen looks like it would be for more than just cutting tape on a box and at least has the appearance of a pretty versatile tool, much like the current can opener that it is rumored to replace on the "Companion".

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Re: Some free advice to Victorinox.
Reply #63 on: January 13, 2023, 05:49:37 PM
On the subject of redundancy: I have seven blades on my person as of this post. Three of them are pen blades, and two are spears. Perhaps that is a little redundant, but I like carrying different things. The Congresses I got yesterday (they can be seen here) have two pen blades each. Some traditional knives have been made with up to twelve blades...but I consider those examples of a cutler's skill rather than serious users.

So, do I consider SAKs with two blades and a scissors redundant? No, especially when each blade can serve a separate and distinct purpose and scissors can be used for precise and safe cuts.
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