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non exotic 540

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non exotic
« on: July 09, 2015, 03:23:30 PM »
Where do you get those exotic lights? A flashlight should be basically a switch, some form of battery(s) and some kind of bulb and a tube to hold the whole thing together.

Okay, my EDC -- basically mine are for work, I can hold them, the smaller ones in my teeth while my hands do something. Easy to carry, easy to work with. Available almost everywhere.

First on top is a very old Kel Light. This one is a 4 "C" cell unit and has see a lot of action. I only take this out at night and it will give you some protection if you need that. That end is not special but came with the unit.

The middle one is my trusty Eveready pen light. This one is a LED unit and works very well. Is extremely bright and does the job. Buy this one any place flashlights are sold. an "AA" unit.  Batteries last forever with a LED. It goes everywhere with me daily. Never know when you will need the thing, and once you get attached to using it, you are always reaching for more light to find something.

The small lower one is from my SOS kit. Always with me, this one is a "AAA" unit, a Maglight Solitare unit, and is my back up flashlight. One can never have too many flashlights on the job....

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