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Replacing 58mm Scissors Springs?

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Replacing 58mm Scissors Springs?
on: September 17, 2015, 12:25:18 AM
Typically broken scissor springs aren't a problem, but as I've bought used knives that were also likely abused, it's been a problem.  I bought a used Bijou and MiniChamp together for $15, and the scissors spring was already broken the Bijou, which wasn't a big deal, as I didn't exactly need the Bijou.  Well, now the scissor spring on the MiniChamp broke.  I've been carrying the MiniChamp a lot lately, but not the scissors.  I attribute this problem to A: Age (it's a MiniChamp II, so it can't be that old!) or B: (abuse from one of the former owners).  Kind of strange the scissor spring broke before the original pen ran out (which it hasn't yet!).

I've already ordered some springs to fix the broken scissor spring, and I've replaced a 91mm pliers spring, but the tiny size of the 58mm looks like it would be a problem,  I used a pair of pliers to yank out the old pliers spring, then used the pliers to squeeze it into place. 

Would the same method work, or should I be a little more careful with the 58mm spring?
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