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Schrade Navitool. 641

Absolute Zombie Club Posts: 20,818 Armed with camera and not afraid to use it.
Schrade Navitool.
« on: May 16, 2021, 01:49:42 PM »
High time that I posted some new photos of my newest acquisition of one of my favourite all time survival type multi-tools, the Schrade Navitool. I found this one during one of our recent Pandemic unlockings where I was able to visit a local Pawn Shop. I was astounded to find this Schrade Navitool sitting forlorn in one of their display cases. It wasn't all that expensive. I had to get it despite my having a few copies of the same tool, both Schrade made and Taylor Tools made under the Schrade name. I even have a copy of the iQuip version as well.

For a bit of background history, here is a link to our Encyclopedia mention...

Now, I am a big sucker for the original Navitool. I  have one that I alway carry with me whenever I go backpacking or nature trail walking. It is big, and cumbersome, but packs a lot of functionality. Attached to my belt or backpack strap, I do not notice it overly much. Designed for survival, it has a lot going for it. The compass is good, and this is my backup on most nature trail walks. The signal mirror found on the inside of the compass housing is a good addition. There is even a set of locking tools such as a knife, saw, scissor, can opener/flat driver, and bottle opener and Phillips driver. There is an included weak red light so that you won't trash your night sight. Also of note, a safety whistle is included with the lanyard that keeps the compass attached to the main body. On top of that, you get a cork screw which to me seems odd unless you wish to picnic with a bottle of bubbly.  :think:

The tools are of good quality and they do lock in place. To release the locking mechanism, you need to depress the other tools. The system is robust and simple. What I really like about this tool is the hidden compartment fit just right for a lighter. Now this compartment is not water proof, so if you decide to put a small survival kit in there, the use of a correspondingly sized ziplock bag will go a long way in ensuring your kit remains dry. Me, I  always just plunk a cheap lighter...and all of my fire lighting needs are met.

Unfortunately, these are no longer made. Schrade went belly up back in 2004. Taylor Tools LLC bought the name and produced these for a time afterwards. These newer ones are not as good as the original Schrade. The Taylor ones being made in China at a cost cutting price...the quality suffered as a result. I did a more recent Google search and couldn't find much about the Taylor made I can assume these are now discontinued.

Yes, I do love me some Navitool...

Photo time.

Top down view showing the included whistle. I have to say, the rubber coating has not denatured (as in devolving into a mess of sticky that a word?)
20210516_070816A by Chako, on Flickr

Here we see the included mirror once the compass top is removed.
20210516_070838A by Chako, on Flickr

The red light is not that strong, but sufficient to see around in the dark. The red light will ensure you do not lose your night sight. The button is large and easy to get to with gloves on.
20210516_070922A by Chako, on Flickr

All the fold out tools are stowed on one side. Not sure why they included the corkscrew, but the rest makes up for it in my opinion.
20210516_071017A by Chako, on Flickr

Side view showing the fold out tools stowed away.
20210516_071044A by Chako, on Flickr

The other side is grippy and textured.
20210516_071058A by Chako, on Flickr

The bottom showing the largish spring loaded belt clip. I got lucky in that this is one of the US made original Schrades.
20210516_071115A by Chako, on Flickr

The top part opposite the red LED light is the compartment sized perfectly for a lighter, or anythink equally as small.
20210516_071144A by Chako, on Flickr

In fact, you can use the lighter without taking it out of the compartment.
20210516_071201A by Chako, on Flickr

A closer look at the included compass.
20210516_071234A by Chako, on Flickr

So there you have it. One of my favorite outdoor survival tools. I know I am probably in the minority, but I do not make any apologies for that.  :D

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Absolutely No Life Club Posts: 5,339
Re: Schrade Navitool.
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2021, 04:53:38 AM »
I noticed that the Chinese knockoffs use an exact copy of the Acme 636 that Schrade included with these. I'm surprised that Taylor Brands never got sued by Acme. The 636 ain't that old and some patents still had to be in effect in 2004.

It's a bulky, but well-rounded tool. Unfortunately, I dropped mine, and the compass latch broke.   

The Navitool was my introduction to the Acme 636 Slimline Tornado. That has become my go-to whistle. Slim enough to be attached to a knife, or on the chain of a neck knife, but LOUD!
Absolute Zombie Club Posts: 20,818 Armed with camera and not afraid to use it.
Re: Schrade Navitool.
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2021, 12:20:11 PM »

A little Leatherman information.

Leatherman series articles
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dks cy

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Re: Schrade Navitool.
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2021, 12:31:00 PM »
Coddy. are you referring to similar products made by other companies or Taylor products (owner of Schrade for a time), when talking about Chinese knockoffs?

Taylor is/was a US based company I think so they must have sorted out the legalities before manufacturing the tool. 

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