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Duct Tape: What have you ACTUALLY used it for?

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Re: Duct Tape: What have you ACTUALLY used it for?
Reply #60 on: October 10, 2016, 03:08:57 AM
I use two different brands:  Firefly, which is glow in the dark, for wrapping flashlight handles to make them easier to find.   Manco's (and whoever bought Manco and is printed on the roll now) Duck brand, as one, they made duct tape first, and secondly, it's the strongest.

I've repaired, jerry rigged, and even done minor first aid (when duct tape's in reach I use it when nothing else is available) with it. Most recently, I duct taped a small American flag to the ladder of a Tonka Hook and Ladder on one of my shelves.



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