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Android Phones 9373

Global Moderator Just Bananas Posts: 68,589
Re: Android Phones
« Reply #270 on: October 01, 2019, 02:18:26 AM »
I was hoping to be cheap since the phone is an older one.  I have seen paid services that guarantee to send a unlock code.  I"ll check out the links you fellas gave  :tu:.  Thank you both. 

I will also call T Mobil and ask if they'd unlock the phone.  Worth a try a least.

You ever get anywhere with this, Aloha  :think:

:nanadance:             :nanadance:
Zombie Apprentice Posts: 15,123 Yoo-hoo, big summer blowout!
Re: Android Phones
« Reply #271 on: October 24, 2019, 11:33:50 PM »
The disassemblable Fairphone 3 looks great. :drool:

If only I didn't already have a working phone.  :facepalm: :D

Maybe when my phone conks out....

Hooked, like everyone else. ;)

All hail the hook!
Global Moderator Just Bananas Posts: 68,589
Re: Android Phones
« Reply #272 on: October 25, 2019, 07:47:57 PM »
Very cool :o I will now have to go and read about it :D :like:
Administrator Zombie Apprentice Posts: 12,528 I am geek, hear me code
Re: Android Phones
« Reply #273 on: November 10, 2019, 10:29:25 AM »
love the concept, camera could do with some better options, especially at that price!

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