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HELP Please - Building a 93mm Custom and Need a few things...

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Greetings my SAK friends,

In search of a couple of specific tools or worn/junk knives with these tools. 

Speficically, I am trying to source 1-2 back springs from a 93mm knife for the SAW tool as I will pair 2 of them next to each other so I can add pliers from a 91mm knife to my 93mm build.  I can purchase a Farmer X and get one of them or Ill buy a Pioneer X and will then need to source 2 of the springs.  Please hit me up if you have a knife you don't mind selling at a reasonable price (thus the attractiveness of a broken or junk knife). 

I am also looking for a "Small" serrated blade like the one that came on the earlier Secretary model or another model if you know of one.  The blade will need to come from an 84mm-91mm knife to properly fit the new 93mm home for it.

As an alrernative, I would also consider putting a small Electrican's blade on the knife (opposite the bottle opener/screw driver and in place of the small screwdriver/can opener.

Thank you in advance to all of you for reading my post and grand thanks to those of you that help me source what I'm looking for.  I will purchase the knife/tools from pretty much anywhere given the shipping isn't cost prohibitive.

If I ever bore you, it'll be with a knife.
Louise Brooks-



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