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Edge thoughs...

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Edge thoughs...
on: December 08, 2016, 10:11:26 PM
Hello friends!

I am visiting this forum for very long time, learned so much! I came from one of Balkan countries, and I work as a professional mountain guide. This is my first post here! (That is why there is short introduction  :drink:)

I don`t want to ask question on baton or not baton, knife or not knife... There are so much topics like that, with endless discussion... I have real question about knives... I know a lot of people who go through life without knife, guides also and other outdoor people, but I will say on the beginning that I always carry a knife in the mountains and forests. Not because I`m used to carry it, but because I use it daily - for improvising tent pegs, foraging mushrooms, plants, and making things I use in the camps. I could "survive" without a knife, this is not a question here, I talk about it as a tool a use very often.

Last few years people are going crazy about knives, they have fear of everything... And I am not making it up... Few months ago a friend bought two Mora knives for him and me, and police took it away from him... They were in his car and they stopped him for check and took his knives... You don`t break a law in our state even if you carry it on yourself, but try to explain it to few policemen who stop you... Impossible... Here comes the question... I like carrying fixed knife, easier to clean, better handle... But I am planning to almost completely move to only folding knives because of such reasons... As a guide, I am always between airport, town and the hills, so it is much easier to conceal few folding knives, than to think about police checking me and making me problems for having fixed blade... And when I need something more than a folding knife, a small hatchet for me is much more usable than "bushcraft" knife.

So, I want to know, is it real expectation for a folding knife to last long enough and to complete all cutting tasks without breaking backspring or some similar problem, if taken care of? I prefer SAK and Opinel, and didn`t have problems with eather of them... Used SAK mostly, one for almost 10 years straight... Now started using also Opinels because they are very light and good cutters. I know some people before "modern times" used folding knife whole life, but I want to know is it possible today, with daily usage for everything? (not for abusing)

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Re: Edge thoughs...
Reply #1 on: December 08, 2016, 11:03:20 PM
Welcome to the forum.  :salute: :salute:

I'll assume you are talking about SAK's or more traditional knives
Folding knives haven't changed in their basic construction, if any thing metals have improved as manufacturing methods have improved. So a knife should last until you've sharpened it to death, broken springs are a very rare problem. 

You can do a test to see if it works for you, next time you are out take your SAK and your regular knife. Use the SAK and carry your other knife as a back up.
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Re: Edge thoughs...
Reply #2 on: December 09, 2016, 12:19:36 AM
Welcome to the forum  :cheers:

I think most tasks can be achieved perfectly fine with a folding knife. They'll whittle a tent peg or pot stand, and do many of the lighter chores perfectly well. They might take a little more time on some tasks, but usually this is no problem.

For heavier tasks, I agree with you about the axe. A far better tool for heavy outdoors cutting, particularly in wooded areas. Yes, a parang would be more appropriate in a rainforest, but we're not talking about that environment. The only area which for me is not covered by an axe and folder is food. I don't like using a folder for food, as they are harder to clean. Not only do I prefer a fixed blade knife, but also a stainless knife.

Here in the UK we are used to not being able to carry a fixed blade without good reason, so there is more of an inherited mentality about using small folders for utility tasks. I used to carry a fixed blade knife when out on the boat sometimes (emergency rope cutting) but rarely take a fixed blade knife on a walk. When I do, I like to make it obvious why it is included, such as by taking foodstuffs that need a knife, and also (this is the clever bit) a small lightweight plastic chopping board.

Not only does it make you look like you specifically came ready to make your lunch (as opposed to any other knife use that your observer may imagine), but the board can be extremely useful too. It helps for food prep, obviously, but can be a sit mat, kneeling pad, table top for sorting through your odds and sods (survival tin or first aid kit), plate, windshield for stove..... with a bit of imagination it can be as versatile as a bandana. So long as your knife is not some uber tactical zombie slaying abomination, I looks like you brought a kitchen type knife for kitchen tasks. The fact that you can use it for other stuff if you need to is a bonus  ;)

That said, I would still aim to use a folder or other "harmless" knife in public areas where someone might get the wrong impression, and only let the fixed knife be seen if I absolutely had to, and in context with some "safe and civilised" activity like making sandwiches, or chopping up fruit or vegetables. The knife is never "just in case", it is there for a good safe friendly reason  :)

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Re: Edge thoughs...
Reply #3 on: December 09, 2016, 01:13:13 AM
Welcome.  They guys gave some great answers so I'll speak to a folding knife being able to perform all cutting chores,  YES they can.  Folders can take on quite a bit of hard use for years.  Like you said you will be taking care of this knife and not abusing it. 

Watch this guys videos on his hard use testing of folders.
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