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Curl Owners Club 13312

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Re: Curl Owners Club
« Reply #360 on: May 21, 2022, 05:57:14 PM »
Awesome review, Demel!  For folks that pocket carry their multitool, the Curl nails that sweet spot between comfortable portability and functionality.   :tu:
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Re: Curl Owners Club
« Reply #361 on: May 22, 2022, 11:29:01 PM »
I've looking at the curl since buying it. I've carried it. Used it. Swapped the blade out for serrated one, then put the straight blade back in. Carried it some more. With almost a decade of usage, I've also experienced probably 80% of Leatheman's catalog  :facepalm: The signal, mut, surge, and a few juice lines are the ones that I have not come across. I can say that after much consideration this may be a perfect Leatherman  :dunno:

One could argue that it would be even more perfect by adding the serrated blade (with hook) and saw on the backside. (I agree) this would make it the perfect Wave 3.0 so hear me out.

It's slender like the OG Wave - this cannot be underestimated. This thing carries really slim and light. Especially compared to the charge.
OHO Blade
Awl (which everyone wants on the wave platform)
Built in and removable pocket clip
No eyeglass screwdriver. (as a eyeglass wearer myself I much prefer the mini driver on the 91mm saks)
Leatherman's well known tools (bit exchanger, flat driver, etc...)

I am super picky. Never satisfied with any tool. I always feel like a slight tweak here or there is always necessary. But I really cannot think of one thing I would change on the Curl. Honestly. The serrated blade, saw, and replaceable wire cutters would be nice additions but for the urban edc user, not necessary. If I needed that I would rather have this exact same tool set with those additions. Again please Leatherman. Wave 3.0  :bnghd:

There are quite a few mixed reviews out there. And I am not knocking anyone for it. IMO I really do think the Curl is perfect. At least as humanly possible. It does make me wonder what a Wave 3.0 (or Mini Surge) could look like. Outside components being blade, smaller surge scissors, saw, and file, and putting the serrated blade from the sidekick where the wave scissors used to be  :think: Or implement a new chisel / scrapping tool

Either way. I'm loving the curl. Great work Leatherman  :cheers:
I agree that the Curl is as close as I've come to finding the perfect multitool for me (once I replaced the file with a saw, that is!). My only changes would be to make the inner tools locking and to replace the scissors with something else. I was thinking about the long flat driver from the Bond, but I like your idea of adding the Sidekick's serrated blade instead.

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Re: Curl Owners Club
« Reply #362 on: May 23, 2022, 08:59:36 PM »



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