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ALMTL: The first truly all-metal expandable wallet. Kickstarter LIVE

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Its already at more than 50% funded after 1 day!

There is an early bird special of $22 with free shipping to USA for a limited quantity and only early in the campaign.

I know this particular design, as far as metal wallet, and a minimalist wallet, is not everyones cup of tea. But I had to start somewhere. Believe me, I will be back after this project is finished, and I will be taking requests and making a totally different every day carry item. I really like EDC as far as the design possibilities and how quick an idea can be made into a real prototype. Your support is greatly appreciated and I will be working full time to get all the wallets delivered on time. Thank you for helping make a dream come true!!

Click here to see the Kickstarter campaign:

BTW, something that isn't on the campaign description: you can have your choice of screws for the front. Torx, hex, Phillips, and maybe even others. No change in price!

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Interesting consept.
I carry my wallet in the same pocket as my phone so Im not sure this is for me.
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I like this a lot! I carry a slim wallet when I go to crowded places like concerts or places where you dress up like weddings. This seems to fit the bill nicely



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