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First Look: Victorinox White Christmas Explorer 3062

Jr. Member Posts: 93
First Look: Victorinox White Christmas Explorer
« on: November 07, 2017, 11:10:30 AM »
48 days left till Christmas!
So, it´s time to get going and buy Christmas presents!

This early?
Well, if you have a little aversion against maniac housewifes with dozens of shopping bags, you better go early. Ever got tackled by a female last minute shopper?
Those suburban creatures are vicious, let me tell you!

So, what do we have in the bag this time?

Carl Elsener junior´s favourite SAK  is the Victorinox Explorer, he said so himself in various interviews.
By the way, if you want to see ethics and responsibility in the flesh, have a look at Mr. Elseners vita.

Right on time for the early Christmas shopper (like me), Victorinox released the „White Christmas Explorer“. Rest assured, there are some Explorers in my collection already, but you know the drill... 

Very nice, the scales with refief print.
Guess what?

I´m not getting political here, but I had a good laugh ;-)

...just lovely!

The „White Christmas Explorer“ is a limited trun, just 15.000 pieces are made worldwide, so there is some collectors value.
But honestly, that a re considerations, which never interested me. I buy what I like, thats it. Has been this way for ever.

Does this specimen look familiar to anyone?

That´s a Passenger, discontiniued long time ago…
Back to the Explorer, what´s so special about this particular model?

For me it´s the quintessential pockettool with a very though through tool selection:

Large and small blade, canopener, bottleopener. Including the build-in drivers. The canopener can double as an emergency philippsdriver, but in this case, we have scissors, lupe and a real phillipsdriver already on boead. I never came across a phillips screw, which refused to cooperate with the Victorinox phillips driver :-)
Awl and corkscrew on the backside, as well as the multiuse (parcel)hook. Outstanding!

Never underestimate the small things in life. Think of toothpick and tweezers. If you like you can add the clothespin and the mini scredriver. Better have it and don´t need it...than the other way around.

The scales in their full beauty:

Oh Vicrotinox-tree, oh Victorinox-tree…

For those of you, who share my humor:

Merry Christmas MT´ers!

Merry Christmas, to each and everyone of you… even if a few days early :-)

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Re: First Look: Victorinox White Christmas Explorer
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2017, 02:43:34 AM »
Enjoyed reading this.  Thanks for taking the time.  That is a nice looking SAK!  Been wanting to add an Explorer to my stable for some time but haven't gotten around to it yet.   



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