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Used A&J Can Opener (the WILDCARD of Lynn's $5 MT Challenge)

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This thread is part of a challenge I was given, to see what the best Multitool was I could find for $5 including tax and shipping. Here's a link to the main thread, to see all the competitors.,75094.0.html

This was my attempt at 'thinking outside the box'. I wanted to find something that was old and kind of cool, and maybe rusty, and, well... if it could be ridiculously dangerous, that would be a bonus.

What did I come up with? The A&J Can Opener. This is going to be a pretty brief review. And for the record, I held the metal end of this tool in boiling water for a minute before testing, because it was scary old and crusty looking. I didn't want to sanitize. I wanted to sterilize.

I got this from a local 'Antiques' shop, for exactly $5.

It qualifies because it ALSO opens BOTTLES! And moreover, it opens cans in 2 distinctly different ways.

So, here this thing is, in all it's glory, with a PST and 91mm SAK for scale.

This thing is like a miniature frickin POLE ARM. It has rusty, stabby bits all over it. You can hurt yourself just looking at it. I LOVE it!  :D

Okay. So, let's get the unfun portion out of the way. It opens bottles. In fact, because it's got almost an 8" lever to do it, this is BY FAR the best bottle opener I've tested for the challenge.

Look at that beast! I just got tetanus from that photo! LOL

Okay, on to the main show. Some time back I did a fair amount of testing of can openers on multitools. I was informed that the REAL test for a can opener was the big #10 cans. The big bill-hook looking can opener works about like most can openers you've seen. You punch a hole in the can near the rim, then use the hook to cut through portions of the can, reposition the can opener, and take another 'bite'. Using this method, the can opener took 1 minute and 2 seconds to open the can. And this was delayed because a dent in the can rim.

Again, because of that long handle, the leverage on this thing is amazing. The big, round wooden handle is extremely comfortable. I imagine if you had to do a LOT of cans, this would be comfortable.

But... wait. There's a SECOND method of can opening. I swear to you, there are no instruction videos or description of how this is done. I spent HOURS trying to find it. You are about to hear the most insane method of can opening EVER.

Also, the pictures are just illustrating the method after the fact, so ignore the cut in the can in the second pic.
First, stab the end spike into the center of the top of a can. This took me three of four hard palm strikes on the butt of the tool.

Next, turn the tool over to the right, position the sliding blade on the shaft near the edge of your can's rim, and WITH GREAT FORCE, slam that thing into the metal of the can. The hook on the end SHOULD hold the end securely in the can while you drive the sliding blade into the lid. I had to smack mine a couple times with the palm of my hand to get it to punch through.

Now, grasp the can firmly with your left hand, and with your right hand, pull back on the lever in a clockwise motion. Downward force on the can will also be needed. Pull the lever back, and it will cut through some portion of the rim. My guess is about 1/6 of the circumference. Reposition the can, and pull again. Continue until you've cut  the can open sufficiently to get to the contents inside. This will NOT do a nice clean lid removal, but will brute-force the can open.

The pictures above were on a test can, before I give it the REAL test. I wanted to make sure I had the method figured out.

So, how did this wildly dangerous thing do on a real #10 can?

The initial 2/3 of the can took something like 20 seconds. THEN I struggled to get the rest of the can open, and gave up at 1:07, calling it, and prying it open with 1/6 of the rim undone. The problem was that the center 'anchor point' was wobbling all over the place, and getting worse the more I loosened the rest of the rim.

SO, if what you want to do is open a can enough to get at the contents rapidly, bend the rest open and dump out the contents, then this is BY FAR the fastest hand-held can opening method I've ever seen. If you want it to open in a way where you can clean the can out well, and get every bit of food out fairly easily, then the sliding blade cutter is NOT the tool for the job.

This thing is fantastic, and hilarious, and I can only assume created back before the concept of 'safety'. It is the only MT in the $5 challenge that would make a reasonable self defense tool. You could probably break into your neighbor's reinforced door with it. You can probably engage enemies from the second ranks of formation with it. I wouldn't be terribly put off making a bayonet attachment for this thing, and attaching it to the front of a rifle. I'm saying... it's ridiculously dangerous.

This is a smurfing CAN OPENER!  :viking:

And, for some historical fun, here's an old time ad for a similar tool. Different maker but similar design...

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Re: Used A&J Can Opener (the WILDCARD of Lynn's $5 MT Challenge)
Reply #1 on: December 29, 2017, 03:56:54 AM
It can (no pun intended) also be used like a hunting morning star.  :tu:

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Re: Used A&J Can Opener (the WILDCARD of Lynn's $5 MT Challenge)
Reply #2 on: December 29, 2017, 07:23:53 PM
I have seen many of these over the year's at yard sales and the like :cheers: I am sure my mom had one as well :think: Perhaps it was her mother :shrug: but it does work :D Great pics and comments Lynn :like:

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