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Gerber Mp600 owners club ;)

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Re: Gerber Mp600 owners club ;)
Reply #1260 on: March 02, 2024, 02:56:49 AM
Welcome BigShep and, let me say that's one nice "hand-me-down" you've there! As for the blade, it might look flimsy but, it is quite good and sturdy for a multi tool knife; perhaps give it a chance?
If after all you'd like to still replace it, your "plug in" options are: newer/later MP blade (Wharncliffe style; thicker, and same choices between combi blade and plain edge ones. Although they're supposed to be the same alloy, does not have the same edge retention as yours), an earlier Multi Lock or same vintage plain edge or fully serrated blade; a Diesel blade might work, as it looks to be the same as in the discontinued DET model or in the Snap On version. Another option is to go bladeless, as I did a clone of a Bladeless model by replacing the combo blade with a small large flat driver (and the replaceable cutters head; here it is,52129.msg2456899.html#msg2456899). After this, I think your options are custom ones. Good luck and again, welcome! :cheers:
Thanks for the info! I will look into the options you mention. I will likely leave it as it is as I usually carry another blade anyway and this one doesn't hurt to leave in it's  original home.

The person who gave me this one was tired of the "flimsy" case (velcro was old). So he didn't  carry it anymore. I was happy to adopt it.

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