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SAK Pliers... 439

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SAK Pliers...
« on: May 31, 2018, 11:54:27 PM »
Hello all,

I have been stumped by an issue, which is how to remove the center "screw?" from the pliers. I recently was using the wire cutter towards the middle of the pliers and seemed to have bent the metal. This results in the pliers jerking open and closed when I would like to use them and the spring is useless because of this issue. To describe a little more, the metal is rubbing together because I pushed down trying to cut a wire, which caused the metal for the wire cutter to bend. Is there any way I can remove the center "screw" for the pliers to take one side off so I can fix this. I was planning on taking a dremel to smooth the metal so there isn't any more bent corners rubbing when the pliers open and close. Thank you so much for your time and hopefully I can fix this issue.



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