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Thermacell 1022

Global Moderator Absolute Zombie Club Posts: 24,630
« on: July 09, 2018, 06:01:10 PM »
Like many I read the reviews and watched the videos on this product.  I tend to camp in the winter so I don't experience mosquitos or bothersome bugs but I do hike throughout the year.  I also like to spend time in my yard in the evenings.  At my last home I was inundated with mosquitos for some reason.  This lead me to find something that would provide some protection.  I sprayed my yard with a chemical but I was not happy in doing so.  It worked great but I can only imagine what was it. 

Anyways, I found Thermacell and liked the idea.  I got lucky and found one at the flea market complete with extra pads and extra fuel ( butane ) cartridges.  It immediately worked with little fuss and I was convinced this was a terrific product.  The refill can be pricy but like most things there are hacks to the fuel and mats.  I haven't tried them because I have several extras of each.   

Recently I obtained 2 more Thermacell units.  I'll keep one full time in my camp gear, one in my evacuation pack, and one at home.  I've seen they now have lithium battery powered units which make perfect sense.

The first picture is my original.  The second picture are the recent additions.  Yes they are missing the fuel covers and yes I got a wonderful price for both.  They work which is all that matters to me and since they'll go into packs not an issue.   

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