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Just snagged my first MP600, question about the replaceable saw blade.

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I snagged it for $17 off of eBay. It's in great condition, except for the driver on the bottle opener is chipped. I plan to grind a new tip onto it  and go on my merry way. However, I do have a question about the replaceable RemGrit GJ-4 saw.  Can I get wood saws and metal saws that fit in this holder? Or just these RemGrit things with what appears to be gritty stuff glued to the edge?

I'm liking this tool so far. I like how it opens, I like how the tools all open easily, and then lock into place. I REALLY like the metal file. This is a great tool, and it ran me less than a $20!


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You can grind and drill other saw types to fit the holder I made one at work, can post a pic tomorrow if you'd like?

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Congratulations on the MP600, Charles!

They are truly awesome tools for sure. :)
$17 is a steal. The last one I got for <$20 needed a lot of work. :ahhh

Older u-shank jigsaw blades with a hole in them work great. Kind of like the blades for the old Craftsman jigsaws, with the extra through-mount screw. I found mine on ebay. Got a wood, metal, and "both" blade set. :tu:

Edit: like these in the photo. But, this set only has three with the hole, but you can drill the others(with carbide glass bit) or find different blades with the same mount w/hole.
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