Hello Lurker! Remove this ad and much more by logging in. uses Lifehammer and ResQMe on auto glass, w/ high speed cameras

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  • Any tool is better than nothing. Some not by much
I would have liked to see more of the tests done from the inside of the car in that video, but I assume the glass breakers work about the same from either side.

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  • Does your head look like a watermelon?

Missing the back window, but ultimately the information is good. I definitely will get a resqme but in real life it seems that your passengers be the limiting factor.

I carry one in my car after watching videos and reading reviews on it.
I think you're right about passengers- but you'll see that in every survival/rescue scenario.
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Ah given this thread has re-surfaced...

Comparing the ResQMe to the CRKT Exitool, the ResQMe is easier to use in a car because you don't have to swing it at the window.
The belt cutters on both work, though the ResQMe is marginally better.

In terms of ease of use, these work well and are easy to use without thinking. A decent knife blade works well but requires a bit more thought. The strap cutter on the OHT is OK, doesn't work as well as a knife/ResQMe but is easier to use without thinking than the knife. The strap cutter on the MUT is crap and just doesn't work for cutting a seatbelt. You'd be better off with a Squirt.

All tests done at the UK Meet using seatbelt provided by Gareth.

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  • Any tool is better than nothing. Some not by much
Very cool to hear that the ResQMe seatbelt cutter has been tested. Thanks for the info!  :tu:

I have one on my car keys, and I'm always a little amazed how well they work when I see people testing them in videos.

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  • Armed with camera and not afraid to use it.
Just got one for my maybe it might be more useful in my Jeep.

A little Leatherman information.

Leatherman series articles

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  • If it ain't broken, fix it till it is.
I have three resqme's and plan on buying more.



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