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How do I tell if a blade is black oxide coated, titanium coated, paint, or what?

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I have a Chinese knife with a black blade. The handles are obviously anodized aluminum, but the stainless blade is also black, as are the tools. It's a somewhat glossy black, but doesn't feel oily. It doesn't quite look like my black oxide Gerber, which admittedly is very used and worn, and has a matte black finish. The blade's coating has some scratches where I slipped with a diamond file, while sharpening the serrations. Otherwise, the coating holds up well. The bitdriver sees regular use, and it is not showing any wear yet.  What would this coating be?


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it's paint, almost sure about that  :salute:
probably some kind of teflon based coating, based on its price, country of origin and similar tools I've had, seen or handled  :whistle:

not in the same level of resistance to scratching as better ones,  :P

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Okay. My CRKT ZillaTool and Guppie appear to have the same stuff. I'm thinking Teflon coating.




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