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color to black and white (ish)

Offline Turtle X

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color to black and white (ish)
on: September 02, 2018, 08:47:54 AM
here are a few that i took with color film then scanned and played with the colors

1 "dark sistern"
2 "dark squirrel" (squirrels eye view)
3 "truck"
4"Truck 2.1"

interesting to note that they were all taken on a very bright summer day .
* ds2.jpg (Filesize: 227.54 KB)
* squirrel2.jpg (Filesize: 241.1 KB)
* truck2.jpg (Filesize: 274.54 KB)
truck 2.1.jpg
* truck 2.1.jpg (Filesize: 183.83 KB)



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