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Casio Forester Battery headache

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Casio Forester Battery headache
on: September 05, 2018, 09:34:18 AM
Well folks my Casio Forester died. At first I thought it was broken because the light worked fine but the movement wasnt running. I decided to try a new battery inspite of this and that is where this begins...

Not knowing what size it takes I decide to download the manual PDF from Casio; this was a mistake. Casio says the Forester takes a SR621W which thanks to some online battery houses i was able to translate to size 364.

So new battery in hand I start to take my watch appart. Now when I make these paracord bands I leave just enough extra that I can get the case back slid off to change the battery. However upon removal there is no battery visable, just a sticker. So off comes a pin and the band so I can peal back the sticker and find....drum roll please...NOT A SW621W!!
Yep. Staring back at me was a CR1616 which is honking huge compaired to the dimunitive 364s I bought. Time to read the sticker:
"watch battery SR920SW is under the light battery CR1616"
 This thing takes not 1 but 2 batteries nethier of which are mentioned on the Casio websight or in the pdf.

Mabey tomorrow...

Sry pics are out of order
#4 is the light battery in
#1the watch battery under the light battery compartment
#2 pdf screenshot
#3 where Im at with a dissassambled watch and the wrong new battery

I get it
Product suport on a 18$ watch is going to be non-existant; but at least get the specs typed up right.

Forgot to mention the larger battery is held in with a spring clip and there is a protective film disk seperating the 2 compartments you need to save.
A tiny flat eyeglass screwdrive or dental pick is needed to pop the clip and pry out the smaller battery. By tiny I mean tiny, the SAK eyeglass driver is way too big.
* 20180905_021110.jpg (Filesize: 452.76 KB)
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I used to be a lot of things, and someday will again.
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Re: Casio Forester Battery headache
Reply #1 on: September 11, 2018, 12:28:01 PM
Good news bad news....

Good news
I got my batteries in the mail and the watch is running

Bad news
The light which was working before doesnt

The upside
While I was shopping for batteries I bought another watch

This one is the Casio MRW-200H "Dive Watch"
Ok so it isnt really a DiveWatch it just has a 10bar/100m rating. It is one of Casio's simplest and inexpensive models coming in at around 16USD. There is no back light, it has luminous paint hands; the bezel does rotate but doesnt click; day&date dial; and super light weight 1.4oz/39g

So I guess this project is a wash.

Also it seems nobody has a tutorial on how to successfully change the dual batteries in a Casio FT-500W series.
I obviously broke mine trying
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I used to be a lot of things, and someday will again.
But for now I'm just a lost jack of trades with neither mastery nor home. ~NoaIsumi



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