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NATO, G10? What is it really called

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NATO, G10? What is it really called
on: February 15, 2019, 09:11:11 PM
So these names get thrown around but what is the real name and are they interchangeable?

The NATO term is often used and is an abbreviation of the NSN or NATO Stocking Number. Every piece of equipment has one of those so possibly it’s correct right? Well not so fast. The original specification comes from 1973 and the British Ministry of Defence Standard (DefStan) 66-15 “Strap, Wrist Watch”. The requirements were very specific you can read all about it here

Now to acquire such a luxurious strap you had to fill out form G1098 or G10 for short. So G10 would be the most correct term to use as other NATO countries had their own standards and only later adopted the British pattern. Unless you want to call it Strap, Wrist Watch.

Now the elephant in the corner of the room is the ‘Bond Nato’. A G10 which is black and grey, you could end this discussion here as Sean Connery in Goldfinger didn’t have that on his Rolex. He had a much smaller, possibly 16mm, pass through strap with stripes but those stripes were red and olive green only a navy blue strap. Possibly regimental colours but probably not. Daniel Craig even fell for it with an Omega in one of his films (don’t remember which and I’m not going to watch them now just to write this). Goldfinger also started filming in 1964 which was 9 years before the MOD came out with Def Stan 66-15.

I like the G10, I have quite a few of them, not pictured are the Omega and Rolex branded ones I have.

They are very practical, are quick way of changing the look of a watch. They make it harder to lose the watch and when the strap gets dirty just put it in the pocket of your trousers and throw in the wash.
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