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Review: Tasmanian Tiger Modular 45+ 831

Jr. Member Posts: 97
Review: Tasmanian Tiger Modular 45+
« on: February 24, 2019, 05:56:11 PM »
Or: Hail to the chief

I don´t subscribe to the „less is more“-theory. And I seriously doubt the motto of „one size fits all“. Neither shoes nor equipment will do you any good, if it isn´t tailored to your needs.

This is why my wife and I have a rather large collection of equipment, especially backpacks.
Ranging from really small to big ass large, depending on application.

When the german brand Tasmanian Tiger announced a new and larger version of their Modular-Packs, called „Modular Pack 45 Plus“, I was curious.
Currently the Modular-family consists of the Modular 30, the Modular 30 Vent und the Modular Sniper Pack.  With it´s 45 liters capacity the Modular 45 Plus is undoubtedly the new chief.

After a few week of intense testing the „45“, I´m more than pleased, reason enough to share my thoughts with you.

Just as a quick reminder, the Modular 30 Vent has been reviewd by my here (shameless self-promotion...):,79698.0.html

Being on business trips rather often, I had to realize that 30 liters just don´t cut it. Especially in winter time one needs a little more capacity.
But I really love the concept of the „Modular-series“!

So, when the Modular 45 was announced, it was a no-brainer, this bad boy had to be checked out!
What´s new, besides 15 liters more capacity?

Lets have a look!

When you hump 45+ liters, you need a serious carrying system. The Modular 30 comes with the „Padded Back-System“, the Vent 30 with the „X-Vent Zero System“.

Both capable systems, but limited to 15 kilos, more or less.

The new Modular 45 Plus pack comes with the heavy duty V2 Plus System. My wife and I are already familiar with this system. Our largest pack, the Raid Pack MKIII, comes with it as well.
And we love it.
Comfy, well vented, and adjustable to nearly any possible statue. And a very effective hip belt!

The V2 Plus right beside the Padded Back-System:
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Jr. Member Posts: 97
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Modular 45+
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2019, 05:56:38 PM »
The shoulder straps are adjustable for heights and lenght, sternum strap included:

The straps are wide enough to be really comfortable on longer trips as well.

 Load control straps:

Worth mentioning:
The attachement points for the load lifters are adjustable as well. This way you can balance the heights of the shoulder straps and adjust it to your specific needs. A fact often overlooked by other manufacturers…
Top notch!

The hip belt is of the so called „Warrior Belt“ variety. Meaning the belt is removable and can act as a mounting platform for pouches, weapon holsters and such. It´s mounted to the pack by velcro, looped through a tunnel in the small of back padding. I can´t see me wearing the belt as a warrior belt, but I do dig the molle attachement points!

The excess waist strap can be tucked away under the laser cut molle. Very neat.

A sure sign of a heavy carrying system, the side adjustment. Pulled tight it eliminates any side to side movement when moving quickly.
And it does so very effectively if I may say so. I involuntarily tested it more than once, thanks to the german train services and their love for changing tracks on last notice...

On our way to Cologne:

The top is adjustable for height and comes with the well known „Modular Pouch“. All Modular Packs have this handy top pouch.

Height-adjustment means that the top can be raised as needed, as it is mounted on four hard-use straps, connecting the top to the main body of the pack.
Release the straps and shove a spleeping mat or bag under it. Or a heavy coat, or…

Jr. Member Posts: 97
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Modular 45+
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2019, 05:57:14 PM »
Another improvement is the beavertail pouch on the front. Perfectly suited to store your wet, muddy rain gear, a insulation layer or a balistic helmet. Easy access included.
You can thighten it with cord stoppers. Its mounted with a side release buckle and a G-hook. Fast and fool-proof, I dig it!

Stuffed to the brim and asking for more:

Thats how it looks strapped to me:

A direct comparison to the Modular 30:

Me being 6 feet and 167 pounds (which is 1,83m and 76 kilo, for our metric friends...)

Jr. Member Posts: 97
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Modular 45+
« Reply #3 on: February 24, 2019, 05:57:39 PM »
A little family shot, Modular 30 Vent, Modular 45 Plus und the RaidPack MKIII, all made by Tasmanian Tiger:

The Essential Pack (6 liters of volume) is the smallest pack made by Tasmanian Tiger. Capable, but tiny in comparison. Did I say something about less is more???

The guts of the V2 Plus system: two alunimium backstays, giving the pack it´s stability. You can bend them to your specific back form if need be. I found them fitting perfectly for me. Just call me average :-)

The channels for the stays are closed by sturdy snaps and velcro.

You´ll fit a  two-quart bladder in the pouch easily, the pouch will be too tight for a three-quart bladder.

Or you store your maps or ground cloth inside. Something along those lines will fit perfectly.

A flat zipper pouch for fast access items, sillkock key or compass comes to mind. And more velcro for your morale patches.

Jr. Member Posts: 97
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Modular 45+
« Reply #4 on: February 24, 2019, 05:58:02 PM »
Actually, there are two velcro areas, one at the adjustabe top and one on the main body of the pack.

That´s how we pack, with more than enough room to spare:

The large inside meshpocket which comes with all Modular packs:

The 45 Plus has gained some width in comparison to the Modular 30, favorably noted during our first packing the bag. Everything fits nicely with the 45, where one occasionally had to really squeze things in with the 30.
All zippers are made by YKK, enough said.

The Modular 45 Plus comes equipped with three mesh pouches and two velcro weapon mounts.  We use the mesh pouches as packing cubes. The weapon mounts see little to no use, but once mounted they will hold a stainless steel canteen with ease. The velcro has cut-outs for regular molle inside as well, so you can fit the inside of the pack to your needs, your imagination being the only limit. Modularity at its best.

Speaking of mounting:
On the left side of the pack you´ll find three Hypalon-reinforced lashing points, for trekking poles, shooting sticks, anything along those lines wil fit.
Two on the bottom of the pack and one near the port for the hydration tube, or radio antenna.

Jr. Member Posts: 97
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Modular 45+
« Reply #5 on: February 24, 2019, 05:58:46 PM »
One major improvement are the compression straps. Made from 550 cord and cord locks on the Modular 30, here we have mil-spec webbing and ladderlocks. Well done Tasmanian Tiger!

Sounds really good, won´t you say?
But the best is still to come:

You can easily downsize the 45 Plus if needed.

The warrior belt is detachable, nothing new here.
The top and the beavertail are removable as well.
And this is where the name „Modular“ really comes through. The pack can be adjusted to your mission specific needs. Inside and out.

On the backside, the side release buckles for the top are stored under elastic webbing:

The beavertail mountig point:

Jr. Member Posts: 97
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Modular 45+
« Reply #6 on: February 24, 2019, 05:59:02 PM »
By the way: If you like, you can mount the beavertail on the side of the pack as well, there´s enough molle webbing.

A little fiddly: The cordage for the beavertail is looped through two eyelets and secured by cord locks. I´d prefer two small side release buckles, that would be faster. But it´s no showstopper for me.

Being a little OCD, I looped some 550 cord through the eyelets, just to make sure they don´t work their way inside. You won´t be able to reach them, once they have fallen inside, as there is another layer of fabric between you and the loops.
So, „Paracord to the rescue!“

Quick and dirty, and, to be honest, redundant as hell. The eyelets are fitted really tight, the chances of them falling in are slim to nonexistant.

But thinking about it, I got an idea. The two eyelets and the loop for the G-hook form a rather nice triangle, ideal for some shockcord:

Much cleaner and nicer looking and I can pull a fleece jacket through, perfekt.

Depending on the mission I use the Modular 45 without the top and the beavertail, giving me a really sleek looking pack.
You can add the top for more room, or the beavertail for easy access storage. If need be you can even add some molle side pouches, giving you even more capacity.

I´m really happy with the pack. With the better carrying system and more capacity it gives me more room to adjust my pack to my needs.
It´s currently my number one pack.

Thanks for bearing with me, if you have any questions, shoot!

No Life Club Posts: 4,810
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Modular 45+
« Reply #7 on: February 24, 2019, 06:28:05 PM »
Good review :hatsoff: Seems like a good backpack :like:

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Thread Killer 2019 No Life Club Posts: 4,412
Re: Review: Tasmanian Tiger Modular 45+
« Reply #8 on: May 16, 2019, 03:05:50 AM »
Looks like a very nice bag, or family of bags that I want to learn more about.  Good review. :cheers:



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