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The (not so a-) Lone Wanderer 129

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The (not so a-) Lone Wanderer
« on: March 21, 2019, 01:26:09 AM »
Dont know where to start.

The Lone Wanderer was looking for a tool I didn't have. A Schrade Tough Tool. I had soon one for sale locally. A bit of a user, but series 2.

He had posted some items that he was willing to trade. One of them was a Victorinox Champion. I'm a fan of this knife, so I picked up the Schrade for a trade, and Lone sent the user Champion he had.

Yes, the Champion is a user, but it is a GOOD user, with all the hallmarks of a pre-1990 swiss army knife, which I love. Most of all - no hook!
But the most impressive part of it all is this absolutely wonderful, robust, sturdy leather sheath, inside of which the Champion resides. American Bench Craft. Made right here in Massachusetts,  as it turns out. 4mm thick full grain leather. Like me, rugged good looks and all business and great hardware.

Lone really gave more than he had let on. So if he's ever in my neck of the woods, he won't be alone.

Really nice to interact with him, and good communication as well. I'm blown away at his generosity



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