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Zulu Alpha Straps

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Zulu Alpha Straps
on: April 19, 2019, 09:19:14 PM
Zulu Alpha Straps

I’ve shown these in quite a few pictures of late so I thought I’d better explain them.

I’ll also clear up that I won two of them in a random draw on IG and I paid for the other two. I’ve got no connection to the company in any way at all. Some of the information is from their own website and reviews out there written by others. I’ll get those out of the way first before my own observations.

Darren is a Royal Navy Veteran who came across an old SA80 rile sling in his shed (as you do) and the idea was born.

The name Zulu Alpha has a story in its own right, being condition Zulu Alpha is to close all door and hatches to attain a watertight and airtight state. Is has another meaning which you can all go and look up for yourselves.

On the ZA logo you will see ‘since 1546’ which is the year the Royal Navy was founded.

The two straps here are 24mm width, these will also fit some 22mm watches, all ZA straps fasten the same way. What names then slightly different is that you thread the strap through with the buckle at 6 O’Clock and the sliding keeper at 12.

See those little Union Flags? That’s not a marketing gimmick or fashion statement. The mill that makes the nylon webbing is in Manchester and the straps are put together in Liverpool by a Verteran, the man who came up with idea. I haven’t asked him but I’ve also found a UK manufacturer of the Tri-glide buckles as well.

The buckle is simplicity itself, you pass the free end of the strap under the moving bar then back over the moving bar. Then through the loop and pull it tight. This keeps the free end tight against the strap and stops it flapping around like NATO (G10) or Zulu’s will.

Then pass the free end though the keeper and then back on it’s self, this maintains enough tension on the free end to keep it tight on your wrist.

So is this a NATO (G10 Ahem) or a Zulu?, neither it borrows bits from both and then sods off and does it’s own thing.

Is it secure? Err you will more that likely lose your arm before the strap comes off.

You could buy a G10 (NATO) for less money but those cheap G10’s have put so many people off straps you wouldn’t believe. Plus you have the added bonus that the Tri-glide buckle is infinitely adjustable.

He will ship worldwide although you may have to wait as these are only made by Darren so as demand increases so does the wait time.



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