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Reconditioning Spyderco FRN scales??? How do you do it. Mine are faded real bad

us Offline eodtech

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Anyone discover the secret to renew FRN to like new condition?
 I have some scales that are faded and would like to reconstitute them as new.

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england Offline Benner

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I can't help I'm afraid, but I'd be interested to hear some ideas too.
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Hmm that would be a toughie :-\
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Are you tring to restore black FRN handles?.  If so have you tried Mother's " Back to Black"?, its an automotive metal and plastic reconditioner that restores the black colour and sheen to faded and oxidized metal/plastic trim on autos.   I've used this in my car craz days and it worked quite well, not sure about FRN though, but it is a form of plastic.   Its a liquid which your supposed to rub into the part and then buff, you might want to use a old toothbrush to really get into the nooks and crevices of the scales textured grips.  Might be a good idea to mask off the blade in case it could get stained.   Let us know if this works.   ;)



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