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Buck 0360-KM-C packaging information 337

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Buck 0360-KM-C packaging information
« on: November 29, 2019, 05:10:13 AM »
Perhaps this isn't the right section and may or may not have been posted before, but I found this listing on eBay merely by happenstance and I thought this might be of value to others seeking information.  While the Buck 360 was stamped "USA", this unit was assembled in Mexico.   I've only heard  theories of this being accurate, but until now never had photographic evidence to prove this until now. I've called Buck before and have had little luck when speaking with a couple of representatives.

In addition, I wasn't certain what type of sheath originally came with this unit either.   Also in case anyone is wanting to make their own sheath, the dimensions are 4.5" closed and 6.5" with pliers open.

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Re: Buck 0360-KM-C packaging information
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 01:39:15 AM »
Hello CarbideCruzer

Yes some of the BuckTools were assembled in Mexico as noted on clam pack or box.. All parts were made in the USA then shipped to Mexico for assembly. This includes the 360 and 350 Mini BuckTool.
As far as getting information from the factory most of the employees working at Buck during the BuckTool years (1996 to 2000) have moved on, so information is hard to find.  As for the sheaths there were 3 main variations mostly emblem variations
Here is a link to a thread with a lot of BuckTool info. There is some missing photos, I worked with  enki_ck  to replace some of my photos in the thread.,25972.0.html 
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Re: Buck 0360-KM-C packaging information
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2019, 04:18:16 AM »
Thank you for that information and I hope others do not interpret this information is anything other than providing photographic proof.  Having never owned this unit, I cannot speak for it's quality or design.  If I can ever find one that isn't super expensive, this might be cool to own.

Thank you for adding those missing photographs.  Chako and others here know more about Gerber products I never knew existed.



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