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Nay Leather Spirit X Sheath 231

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Nay Leather Spirit X Sheath
« on: December 28, 2019, 01:56:18 AM »
  Found Nay's Custom Leather on Etsy. Perhaps I should of taken a closer took-see. It looked adequate, although I did not realize the sheath was going to be so big. Still, this means it will last many years down the road. It is beefy, and I had to add an extra snap as to shorten the loop.

  Would say first off that this crafter must have had more experience with Leatherman tools. Probably little experience with Victorinox save maybe Swiss Tool, and none on Spirits. And the crafter is really generous (is that the right word) on the snap loop.

  That's a Charge TTi inside, and notice how much loop there is. :ahhh  And the Spirit X is not nearly as thick. What I saw was a loop ready to get stuck on something, pull open, and bye bye multitool. Nope! Not going to happen! A remedy was needed.


  First thought I could just add an extra snap. Then thought maybe adding the Victorinox badge on, somehow, and that might give the extra length some novelty.


Then stuck the Leatherman Charge TTi in there and the sheath fit that very well since the Leatherman tool is MUCH WIDER in comparison to the Spirit X. Thus why i think the leather shop has had very little experience with Spirit tools - and maybe more Swiss Tools.


  Here is side by side comparison of the Nay and Victorinox sheaths. Vic's is thinner, flimsier, and I could see - for me - this was not going to last long. I wanted a sheath that was going to stand up on its own, which I got. Just was not prepared for how thick of a sheath is was going to be. :ahhh


  So here are the three sheaths I have: Victorinox OEM, Leatherman Heritage, and Nay's custom sheath. It is noteworthy that a Spirit X can fit inside any sheath, but there is a lot of play (wiggle room) inside a Leatherman Charge sheath. However, a Charge TTi (Wave) cannot fit inside a Spirit sheath. The tool is too big in width and thickness. Thus it my second opinion that Nay's has little hands-on experience with Spirit tools.


  While I would like to somehow add the Victorinox badge to the loop, I decided to add a second snap. Two snaps are better than one, right? :think:  Besides, was in a semi-hurry to get to work and I wanted to wear the sheath.


  The Spirit X goes in better with the locks down, and it seems to hold inside the sheath better. Looks like the maker had clamped the sides inward to make up for the width of a Leatherman sheath. Thus my third opinion on lack of Spirit experience. Still, this sheath is going to last.

  Nay's added a pocket in the back for a 4 inch ruler, as I requested. I'll have to keep an eye open for a wider ruler down the road. For the record the PocketToolX Piranha can fit inside, though the Spirit X is super snug inside then. And ... the Piranha is a very tight fit as well, and is a smurf to pull back out! In time it might loosen up, but I decided not to carry the Piranha in this sheath.

  If you want a thick and sturdy Leatherman sheath, this would be perfect! Maybe a Swiss Tool is longer, and perhaps why the snap loop was so much longer? I dunno, have no plans on getting a Swiss Tool to find out.
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Re: Nay Leather Spirit X Sheath
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2019, 02:46:51 AM »
  And another point on the crafter's lack of experience with Spirit tool is the thickness of the sheath. It is way too thick inside for a Spirit tool to fit as snugly as its should be. Case in point...


  So one should inquire if the crafter has experience with making sheaths for specific tools, even though the drop-down menu had a generic Victorinox size for sheath. Never assume like I did.

  Here is the Nay's sheath with a PocketToolX Piranha in the back. It takes up the extra slack in the thickness of the sheath, and the Spirit X hold in better. The downside is extra weight and being even more thicker. To get to the ruler one would need to remove the Piranha first, but then that in turn makes the pocket in the back loosen up more.


  This is not the perfect sheath for the Spirit X. Not much I can do since this was a custom sheath and I altered it to make it more usable by adding another snap on there. Live and learn. And is one of the drawbacks of dealing with people online rather than in person to get the ideas across.

  Thankfully there is not as much slack with both snaps down, and can see where the crafter bent in the sides to make up for their error. Will carry it without the Piranha as the sheath alone is thicker than I had anticipated. And it should suffice, though is a beefier sheath.
  On the other hand I could carry the Charge TTi in the same sheath if I wanted. This is holster leather.thickness! :ahhh
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Shalavin Leather Craft
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2019, 11:50:58 PM »
  Seen this Etsy crafter, Shalavin Leather Craft, that does some rather interesting sheath work. Only downside is he is in Russia and would probably take a month to get one from him. This crafter really makes some interesting molded sheath of all types, and has experience with Spirit tools, and many other knives and such.


  Although I'm not a fan of open top sheaths, these do look rather moulded.


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Re: Nay Leather Spirit X Sheath
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2019, 11:59:41 PM »
I would reach out to Nay's and ask them if all that space is standard. They have been extremely courteous with my questions and they even have an Instagram page as well.

Other than that the sheath looks great

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No Life Club Posts: 4,890
Re: Nay Leather Spirit X Sheath
« Reply #4 on: December 30, 2019, 01:09:21 AM »
I would reach out to Nay's and ask them if all that space is standard. They have been extremely courteous with my questions and they even have an Instagram page as well.

Other than that the sheath looks great

Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk

  Would be standard for a Leatherman, as the Charge TTi & Wave fit in there nicely. Is quite a sheath, and would be rugged enough for any multitool. Although the Spirit has too much room thickness wise. And I did ask if they could make a sheath for the Spirit X before purchasing. Maybe they were too busy to realize there is a thickness difference?

  Will try to get to them next week, pending work. Have to work some crazy hours/days. Working as a merchandiser can get hectic a lot. Retail ...  :ahhh
No Life Club Posts: 4,890
Re: Nay Leather Spirit X Sheath
« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2019, 02:52:39 AM »
  Sent Dave a message via Etsy, posted a few photos and sizes. Don't agree with Victorinox on size, and mine is 10.6 cm long, not 10.4, or let's say mine is 10 cm + 6 mm (10.6).

  If nothing else I'll use the sheath for the Charge TTi that I do not wear cause am always working nearly every day of every month, for the past 5 years.

  Will look to find a more discreet, low-profile sheath maker that uses a stiff leather, and have them make a Spirit X sheath, or contact that Russian fella.



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