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Questions for Wenger modders 173

Jr. Member Posts: 66
Questions for Wenger modders
« on: July 09, 2020, 11:19:33 AM »
Hi everyone, I've managed to grab a few Wenger knives at various stages of dereliction, and while I'm awaiting their arrival I'm gathering information on what can be done. So I have a few questions for experienced Wenger modders (sorry if they've been answered before, I did try the search function but couldn't locate the information I'm looking for).
- first, what is the pin size on Wenger 85mm knives? I've read 2.5mm but there are several threads where Wenger tools are used in 84mm builds (with 2.25mm pins). Does this mean that there are several pin sizes in Wenger tools, or just that the pin isn't required to be the exact same size as the tool hole?
- second, I'd like to get a Vic-style can opener in a Wenger. Can I source it from a 84mm (of which I have plenty), or do I need to sacrifice a recent Vic Delémont? Seen from the outside, the 84mm and the Delémont can openers look identical, but there may be hidden differences at the tang or pivot hole. More generally, can tools can be swapped without modification between Wenger 85mm and Victorinox Délémont 85mm (I assume they can)? And between either 85mm and Victorinox 84mm (assuming one can find the appropriate backspring)?
- third, it seems that there have been changes in the scale attachment method during Wenger's history. Several threads point to a reference PDF at, but the link seems to be dead. Does someone have a copy of this document?
Thanks in advance.
No Life Club Posts: 1,315
Re: Questions for Wenger modders
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2020, 03:56:54 PM »
The Wenger style opener works better and faster, and also doubles as a nice pointy awl that's far more useful for scoring than the backspring awl. (I use it for scoring and snapping plexiglass, for instance). Otherwise I have no idea about swapping them over.

Victorinox 91mm use 2.5mm brass rod for the big pivots and 2.25mm for the inner. Wenger 85mm use 2.25mm everywhere.

For modern knives there are two attachment methods to worry about. The Wenger style, with clips built into the outer two liners that the scales snap onto, and then the Victorinox/Delemont style, which are the same rivet style connections as the Victorinox 91mm.




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