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Roxon Brand Review

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Roxon Brand Review
on: January 22, 2021, 07:19:40 PM

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Founded: 2007
HQ: Yangjiang, China
Part of Chamfun Industrial Co., Ltd

Chamfun Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 2007, in Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, China, offering OEM services for multi-tools, knives, kitchen knife sets, and keychain gadgets. In 2018, Roxon, their in-house branding team, designed their first line of tools, the Storm, KS, and MBT3. Later that year they released the Spark, their first outdoor multi-tool. During 2018, the Storm received a few updates, until its new version, the Storm S801S, was released in 2019, along with the MBT Mini, the smaller barbecue tool. In 2020, a new line of tools was released, the Phantom and Flash multi-tools, and the Phantasy folding knife. With so many models under their name, full of features, a close look at the brand evolution is in order.

First Steps
Right from the start, Roxon established themselves as a multi-tool brand; ambitious, innovative, reliable, solid.
Instantly recognizable, the Storm, KS, and MBT3 tools struck a Goldilocks-level balance of design and performance. A few decorative holes, a couple blackened parts against the ball-blasted steel, minimal branding; with just a few modest artistic touches, the tools look very elegant and unique. At the same time, performance was not forgotten or even compromised, as is the case with many less-known brands nowadays. While looking nice and interesting, the tools also performed very well. The abundance of features of the Storm, the robustness and versatility of the MBT3, the compactness of the KS. Every tool proved to be effective in what it was designed to do.

Roxon employed industrial level fine-blanking, seeking and delivering structural integrity, precision, and smoothness. The tolerances, the implement finishes, action and lock-up, the spring return, everything is marvelous, and provides excellent performance. All tools are well made, and it is obvious that a lot of thought went into designing and constructing them.
They also covered lots of options, with a feature-heavy multi-tool, a folding knife with on-board massive shears, a barbecue tool, and an outdoor tool. The MBT3 and Spark especially demonstrated that Roxon had lots of ideas and designs to offer. Each tool was its own beast, designed around its specific field, but all sharing common design elements; compactness, efficient use of space, great construction quality, excellent fit and finish.

Feedback did not take long. The tools proved popular and Roxon was on the map. After a few criticisms, nit-picks, and suggestions, Roxon did something very few manufacturers have done or bother to do. They listened to feedback and made changes. They shrunk the barbecue tool, releasing the MBT Mini. Also, their flagship model, the Storm, kept receiving updates to various features, until the fully updated S801S version was released. Better steel for blade and scissors, thicker blade stock, a reamer, and a liner-lock for the woodsaw, as well as the improved can opener edge and placement. They also released the Flash, which is essentially the Spark design being updated to reach the level of the other tools. Roxon showed us that they are real people. They listened to our feedback, went back to the drawing board, and improved many aspects of the tool; safety, versatility, durability, performance. They also improved their reputation, inspiring confidence in their brand. They showed us that they respect their products, and customers' opinions and suggestions. We disagreed with a few things, and they went ahead and changed them.
I like to think that I had a small part in the Storm's can opener update. In my original testing, the can opener was admittedly not the best. Still, I was able to modify it myself, swapping its place with the cord cutter, and the result was massive. It made me connect with the Storm. I fixed a glaring issue myself, bringing the can opener up to speed with the rest of the implements. Roxon soon updated the can opener, and also gave it a proper bevel twice, which shows that they kept testing it and reached the result they wanted. One can argue that the can opener should have been that way from the start, but what can you do. Nobody can be perfect.

Latest and Greatest
2020 was a great year for Roxon and their fans. A new line of tools was released, just as innovative, reliable, and solid as the first one. And boy, did they design the hell out of these!

The Phantom and Phantasy are kind of a combo. The Phantasy is a folding knife, and the Phantom a multi-tool, and they both feature a milestone innovation, a replaceable blade system. The handle scale can detach in seconds with no tools required, and the blades can be swapped out for a plethora of options. Not only is this a wonderful, versatile, cannot-believe-nobody-did-it-before feature, it was also executed flawlessly. The process takes mere seconds, the blades lock up beautifully, the switches are non obtrusive, even the spare blade carry cases are packed with features. And they did not stop there. Not even close.

The Flash was their new outdoor multi-tool, sharing many features with the Phantom; replaceable wire-cutters, one handed access to almost all implements, rounded edges and corners, countersunk implements, spare wire-cutters and wrench included in the box.
These tools marked a new era for Roxon. Listening to feedback for the Storm, they outdid themselves. Ergonomics and accessibility were given priority, while maintaining a high level of performance, and all this while still being innovative.

Roxon strived to be innovative, and they succeeded. In a world of brands slapping their logos on generic, cheap tools they had no part in designing, Roxon took it upon themselves to produce their very own tools, all the way from designing to production. And what glorious designs they are. A transforming barbecue behemoth, the knife-scissor combo that compliments any edc, an all-around multi-tool that handles everything from corked bottles to breaking glass. Roxon did not stop at a butterfly multi-tool. They went all out to create a full range of tools.
Then, the rain of patents came, as they designed and released the Phantom. If this did not establish Roxon as a multi-tool brand, I do not know what will. Taking cues from the Storm, the design was refined, while featuring a milestone in multi-tool history: removable and interchangeable blades. No tools necessary. Just pop the scale off and replace the blade with another one. They released the Phantasy knife, which also accepts the various blades, just for good measure.
As if that was not enough, they implemented an elegant and effective feature for deploying implements with one hand. That little switch allowed implements to sit flush in the handle, while also being one-handed, with either hand. It even unlocks them when pulled back. No wonder we saw it on the Flash, another excellent tool, wonderfully designed for the outdoors.

Roxon was never shy regarding materials used. Examining a tool's packaging, buyers can find all the information they need; specifications, materials, phone number, email, address, implement list, even instructions and available accessories. This may not seem important, but it is always nice to see all information readily available. For some brands, especially lesser-known ones, materials in particular are not specified, no matter how hard you look.

The quality of Roxon tools defies their modest price. All offerings are priced well, arguably much better than most of the competition. This is particularly significant because the tools are well-made, feature-rich, innovative, durable, and efficient. Good price means nothing if the tool you buy breaks after a week. Additionally, all tools will come in a nice gift box, with a sheath, and 10 year warranty. The new line of tools will also come with a Torx L wrench and a pair of spare wire-cutters.

I have yet to see Roxon tout their tools as the next best thing, the ones that will replace current best sellers. They have not compared their tools to any other manufacturer, instead choosing to release videos on their tools alone, explaining and demonstrating their features. Quite the humble approach considering the many features, quality, and innovation they offer.

Roxon has certainly made a name for themselves. Examining their evolution as a brand, inspecting their tools, it becomes apparent. They know what they are doing; the tools are well made, while also looking elegant and modest. They are good at what they do; the tools perform as they should. They care about what they are doing; they are constantly releasing innovative designs and features, while also updating existing tools.

The brand evolution of Roxon has been undeniably interesting. Their attitude, especially, is inspiring. A constant theme of their tools is ambition. We are seeing daring designs and features one would expect from older, bigger brands. Indeed, Roxon is not afraid to experiment with their tools, and in the process has graced us with amazing features, from the massive shears we all love, to the interchangeable blade system and one-hand deployment switch. It goes beyond good build quality, attention to ergonomics, competitive pricing. In the few years they have been around, Roxon is now setting the trend rather than simply following it. They are literally changing the industry, with designs, features, practices, and principles that will hopefully become the norm.

Looking back at Roxon's evolution as a multi-tool brand inspires confidence. The future seems promising indeed. One can only imagine and wait for Roxon's next step.

-Excellent quality, performance, and value.
-Consistently innovative designs and features.
-Tools and designs are updated and improved upon constantly.

-Not as readily available as other brands.
-Implements are unique to each tool, which limits customizing potential.

KS S501
MBT3 S601
Storm S801
Storm S801S 30 Day Challenge
Flash S803
Phantom S802
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Re: Roxon Brand Review
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Is that a fried bat next to the potatoes?
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Re: Roxon Brand Review
Reply #3 on: March 29, 2021, 08:12:13 AM
 Excellent & comprehensive review!I think the weight is due to a certain degree of sturdiness, I don't mind, because most of the time I put the tools on my waist or in my backpack.
I like multifunctional tools. I can throw away the toolbox and replace it with multitool. I hope to get to know more friends who like tools!



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