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5.11 Rush 24 in Double-Tap, with basic modifications 919

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5.11 Rush 24 in Double-Tap, with basic modifications
« on: August 30, 2020, 04:17:54 PM »
My 5.11 Rush 24 turned up. It's a bit bigger than I pictured, but I can make it work as an everyday edc as long as I don't overpack it.
As you can see I have already added new orange/black zig-zag paracord zip-pulls and handle-wrap. Internal zip-pulls are now white, making them much easier to see that black on black.
I added lower cinch-straps using 25mm sternum straps from ebay, a 38mm waist-belt with webbing etc from ebay, shock-cord storage, and a handful of grimlocs and molle attachment and accessory points.
I like the double-tap finish, it's very similar to the Maxpedition Wolf-Grey.
A work in progress.
* rush-24-1.jpg (Filesize: 67.9 KB)
* rush-24-2.jpg (Filesize: 39.03 KB)
* rush-24-3.jpg (Filesize: 32.16 KB)
* rush-24-4.jpg (Filesize: 31.11 KB)

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