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Tac Force TF-848 Spring Assist Folding Knife - Big Surprise

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I'll often get on Amazon and scroll through knives using the "Get it Today/Tomorrow" filter.  Usually get the same group of items, and one that kept coming up was the Tac Force TF-848 Spring Assist Folding Knife, currently $6.89.  I would just smile and move on, but after awhile, I thought it might be fun to see, and I can always return it if I don't like it (which was my suspicion).

The ad picture made it look much bigger than it really is (haha, I don't think I even looked at the dimensions before ordering!).  This is a little guy!  Pic below shows it next to my Vic Mini Champ.

 - Spring assist folding knife offers rapid one-handed deployment, locks securely into place with liner lock
 - 2.75-inch, 2.3 mm thick straight edge stainless steel blade
 - Grey stainless steel handle with titanium coating
 - Measures 3.5 inches closed

And it looks even smaller in-person  :)

Anyway, my first encounter with the knife was very surprising.  All screws were flush and tight (an often mentioned complaint in the reviews).  Incredibly fast deploy (blade is spring assisted).  Very solid lockup - zero blade play.  Blade centering is off a bit, but nothing that makes me think twice - especially considering the price.  Blade is very sharp out of the box.  No jimping on the blade, but some on the handles near the blade, and they are very adequate for me.

I'm sure the blade steel is pretty low on the totem pole, but it will be good to have a very compact, low-priced, easy to sharpen (I assume) knife on my shelf.

I always like being pleasantly or unexpectedly surprised by a purchase.  At under $7, this certainly qualifies.  Can't yet speak how it will hold up, but it will see only moderate to light use from me, so can't imagine it won't hold up just fine.

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Re: Tac Force TF-848 Spring Assist Folding Knife - Big Surprise
Reply #1 on: October 07, 2020, 02:52:20 AM
Believe it or not, they're not bad. I got a TF-723 "EMT Knife" in a used lot recently, but I couldn't tell it had been used. I had expected Tac Force to be "Mall Ninja Crap", and since it's a such a cheap and easy to replace knife (less than $10), I've been using it for the roughest and dirtiest of tasks--and you know what, it's stood up! I did unscrew the window punch, since A: it poked my hand B: is the same soft material as the blade. The assisted blade deploys with less force needed than my assisted import Kershaws.   The other problem is that while it features a seatbelt/webbing cutter, it isn't even close to being sharp. On my higher end "professional rescue tool" knives, they go through paracord like butter. This one just hangs up.

Despite the steel, I will say this. The quality and sharpness is better than the Coast knives, at a far cheaper cost.

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Re: Tac Force TF-848 Spring Assist Folding Knife - Big Surprise
Reply #2 on: October 07, 2020, 04:34:29 AM
I have one of those giant Boker Fire Chief knives, and it's seat belt cutter is likewise poor.  Pretty sad for a knife called "Fire Chief," haha.



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