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Help selecting Multitool 1056

No Life Club Posts: 1,806
Re: Help selecting Multitool
« Reply #30 on: November 20, 2020, 09:53:14 PM »
Here's another vote for the Leatherman Surge. I have one that I bought used. It is over 10 years old and works very well.

I do have an aversion to Multitools with little bits that can be dropped and lost. I won't say that this is never a problem, but I will say that a replacement kit can be bought for short money from Leatherman or Amazon and kept in the toolbox.

My Leatheman Surge lived on my belt, then in my backpack, and currently resides in the center console of my truck.

Yes it is heavy, but it is heavy duty as a result.  If you did not need scissors, and did not need outside opening tools or blades, or if you dont want any bits that could be dropped or lost, then I would recommend the Leatherman Rebar or SuperTool. But if you need outside opening blades or tools, the Leatherman Surge will not disappoint!
No Life Club Posts: 1,536
Re: Help selecting Multitool
« Reply #31 on: November 21, 2020, 12:29:51 AM »
My needs are primarily for a decent screwdriving option so it is no wonder that I have settled on the CenterDrive mostly and so far mine have not let me down.
Until you use one for driving it is hard to believe how much better it is for that than all of the other tools that I know of and had tried.
The rest of the load in the CD is also good for me though I am not sure I have used any of the blades even one time as I always carry a folder as well as a MT and dont even think of using the knife in a MT,never occurs to me.

Which is better is just so subjective that it is impossible to really offer a great option and equally impossible to decide to try one unless the tool seems to be geared clearly for your particular use.
In my case the minute that I saw the CD it was obvious that I had to find and try one and only then was I able to move the Spirit X out of the Skinth and the CD in!

Actually I didn't even really do that but instead I built a 2nd identical Skinth Loadout around the CD but also kept the priginal built around the Spirit intact so I can easily switch back and forth if I need to,so far I have not needed to unless I misplace the CD Skinth.

I guess one nod to the CD for his uses is that they seem to offer a kit ready for field use for the services and I bought mine on Ebay pretty cheap I think and it comes kitted out for general as well as Arms Maintenance uses and I cant think of any handier or heartier endorsement than that?
Global Moderator Absolute Zombie Club Posts: 23,666
Re: Help selecting Multitool
« Reply #32 on: November 23, 2020, 05:30:58 PM »
Here's what I carry with my New Surge.  The T shank blades are cheap ones from Harbor Freight and Tool.  They were a set I bought to see how they worked as compared to Bosch.  They're ok and they get the job done.  I've put them thru a lot of use and if you are in need of blades on the cheap then they'll do. 

I carry those blades and one bit card with that Surge.  I carry 2 bit cards with my Charge TTi and the bit extender.  I don't do a lot of wire cutting and cannot really comment on those but they are replaceable so thats a good thing.  My older modded Surge is my tool I use around the home.   

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