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[WTT] Gerber Sharkbelly Serrated for ????? 330

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[WTT] Gerber Sharkbelly Serrated for ?????
« on: November 11, 2020, 06:04:37 PM »
Hi guys,

I would prefer to keep this trade within the USA...

I would like to trade my Gerber Sharkbelly - Serrated (, valued at $25 (MSRP $34, when new). I EDC'ed it for a couple of months, but it looks practically new. It has been used to cut boxes, paper, paracord, harvest herbs, etc...

The Sharkbelly is an incredibly useable tool and carryable tool. The knife is super light, at 2.3oz (my home scale weighs it at 2.15oz). Deep carry, wire pocket clip. The blade shape is awesome, and these are the easiest serrations to sharpen out of anything I've seen. It's comfortable in hand and the "sharkbelly" texture makes it super grippy. It cuts really well. I can't stress how useable this knife is.

Since I got into SAKs, this has been seeing less and less pocket time since I only carry one "tool" in my pocket since I'm relatively slim don't have a lot of pocket room to spare. It's been replaced by a Victorinox Tinker in my pocket...

OK! I'm hoping someone will trade something for it. I'm really up for any pocket tool that you find incredibly useful but may have fallen out of your rotation. It could be a knife, SAK, one-piece tool, lighter, etc. To me, this allows me to get some (1) free research into what tools you guys think are awesome and (2) avoid the extra step of transferring money by merely selling the knife for cash and then buying some other gear...

If you really want to buy it, let me know...

Things that I think I'm probably interested in, but feel free to pitch me on whatever...
  • SAKs with a locking blade (Wengers, Delemonts, 111s)
  • 91mm SAKs that aren't a Spartan or Tinker (just because I got those already)
  • One-piece tools, like the Gerber Shard... except hopefully a little nicer
  • Lighters or firestarters

But again, super open to anything that could find its way into EDC.

Here are some pics, with a Bass Pro Shops Tinker for size comparison.

* IMG_20201111_101523398_HDR.jpg (Filesize: 47.4 KB)
* IMG_20201111_101411309_HDR.jpg (Filesize: 43.71 KB)
* IMG_20201111_101435992_HDR.jpg (Filesize: 48.62 KB)



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