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Cranach 12 in 1

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Cranach 12 in 1
on: February 28, 2021, 07:21:04 PM
Here is another multi tool from China by way of Amazon, the Cranach 12 in 1 (CR-Plier-01).

Very similiar to a MT sold by Katz Knives, the MT-75 (different knife, but the rest of the implements are the same). At the moment, it sells for $15.99 at Amazon (as opposed to $55 to $80 for the Katz MT). I am not sure that the Cranach is a good proxy for the Katz, but the visual similarities were enough to make me want to try this version out.

Weight and Dimensions

Weight - 242 g (8.54 ounces)
Weight (with pouch) - 272 g (9.59 ounces)
Length (closed) - 10.4 cm (4.09 inches)
Length (open) - 16.2 cm (6.38 inches)
Girth - 11 cm (4.33 inches)
Width - 2 cm (0.79 inches)
Handle Splay - 13 cm (5.12 inches)
Max Plier Opening - 3.4 cm (1.39 inches)


Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters (bypass)
Knife (straight blade with straight back)
Phillips screwdriver
Slotted screwdriver
Can opener
Bottle opener

Other Notables

Reinforced nylon tool pouch
Pocket clip
Outside opening tools
OHO knife and saw with liner locks
Slip joint for the other implements, detent at 90 and 180 degrees
Wire cutters are riveted on
5 year warranty

The pliers works reasonably well. I could cut single or multiple strands of 30 awg copper and other sizes on up to 10 awg stranded copper. Will also cut paper clips, 16 gauge rebar tie wire, and coat hanger wire. It would not cut 10 gauge ceiling support wire nor 6 awg soft drawn copper. It can cut 14/2 Romex but not 12/2.

The wire cutters did show some wear after the cutting tests.

The pipe gripping part of the pliers is somewhat flatter than found in most other MTs and would not grip a 1/4"-20 bolt head quite as well. But it still did well enough.

One major problem with using the pliers is that the scales on one side and the ends really bite into your hand when applying alot of force. I like to think that I have tough hands, but it did not feel good when squeezing those handles hard. They are not rounded over enough. I don't know if this is also the case with the Katz MT75. From the few pictures I can find I can not tell if those handles would be more comfortable.

The straight back knife comes fairly sharp. It will sort of push cut printer paper,. It will cut 550 paracord, 0.065" trimmer line, and nylon rope (2 passes).

I did notice that MT had some movement while folded up to use the knife. When folded up, the scales do not meet at the plier head end. But the tool does give a bit (squeezes together some) at that end. I noticed this movement while using the knife. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does take away from the sense of sturdiness of the tool.

The saw worked well. I had no problem cutting through a piece of 2.5cm x 5cm (1"x2") pine board.

The Phillips screwdriver works okay. I was able to drive a #6 x 1.25" fine drywall screw into my plywood benchtop.
The slotted screwdriver is located on the bottle opener, has a chisel grind, and is mediocre in performance.

The awl worked well. I used it to create a starter hole for the drywall screw test and was able to punch a hole in a leather belt. It does not have a sewing eye and is probably a bit dull for that purpose anyway.

The can opener works okay, but is not the best I have ever tried.
I have no idea what the v notch is for. It is not shaped correctly for stripping wire, and it will not cut paracord.

The bottle opener works fine. This reviewer was able to treat himself to a Heineken  :drink:

The 2 sided file is stubby (2 cm of filing surface on double cut side). But it will remove material from copper, bronze, and mild steel.


OHO for knife
Saw works well


Handles bite into hand
Stubby file
Flattened pipe grip
Movement in handles while closed


Overall, this is a decent multi tool. Certainly good enough to use as a beater or store in a bag, tool box, or glove compartment for backup or emergency usage. Or even as a primary MT if that is all the budget can handle. But it is certainly an unremarkable MT also. The reason I bought it is due to its similarity to the Katz MT. Otherwise, it has no features or flair to make it stand out.

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Re: Cranach 12 in 1
Reply #1 on: March 05, 2021, 04:13:49 PM
good thorough review there sir  :salute:
'Use the force Harry' - Gandalf

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Re: Cranach 12 in 1
Reply #2 on: March 10, 2021, 11:59:32 AM
 :iagree: I don't come in here and read reviews near as often as I use to :salute: :like:

us Online Adam5

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Re: Cranach 12 in 1
Reply #3 on: March 11, 2021, 11:49:42 PM
Thank you gentlemen  :)

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Re: Cranach 12 in 1
Reply #4 on: March 15, 2021, 01:40:14 AM
I just ordered one of these from Amazon. It was listed as 14.99 and I got 5.00 off. Looks like a good tool for $10.00! Great review!
I actually looked at the Katz MT75 and I would not pay anywhere near that much for it. You can get a Rebar for about $50.00 to $60.00.

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Re: Cranach 12 in 1
Reply #5 on: March 19, 2021, 06:31:38 PM
   I just received mine, and I will have to say, for $10.00, this thing is pretty impressive. Mine has one flaw, but Amazon is sending me a replacement. I agree with what you said in your review. I like the fact that the tools are not all overly polished like some real cheap ones are. Only the knife and saw lock, but the other tools open with a very tight snap. My knife blade is paper cutting sharp, and even though the saw seems real sharp, I have not tested it.  It is  a larger, heavier tool, which I prefer, so that is good. I wish it had scissors, but I m nit picking! The one I was sent had off center pliers and that is why I am getting sent a replacement. Overall, I am a happy camper!

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Re: Cranach 12 in 1
Reply #6 on: March 23, 2021, 01:24:32 AM
Hilarious.  That Katz MT you reference I got off Amazon for $6.99, I kid you not, under different branding.   

us Online Adam5

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Re: Cranach 12 in 1
Reply #7 on: May 16, 2021, 05:00:56 PM
Link to WeAllJuggleKnives video review:



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