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Need help/advice 880

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Re: Need help/advice
« Reply #30 on: April 11, 2021, 01:28:07 AM »
@Comis made me some GITD scales with tritium vials (in the bottom of tweezer slot).
(Image removed from quote.)
The scales are a bright glittery blue, so they would be easy to spot in daytime as well.
(Image removed from quote.)
 The glow tape and powder could work good.  Here is his “how-to” thread.,82762.msg2011373.html#msg2011373

You could also add a FireFly (which is a firesteel that goes in place of the toothpick) and some helix tinder (which fits on the corkscrew) from Tortoise Gear.  She wouldn’t want them as a primary means, but good in emergency.

You could also wrap it in a Zion topographic map bandana.
(Image removed from quote.)

You just happened to have that laying around?! LOL!

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If I had a few extra hundred $:  91mm with long file, Wine Master



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