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My SAK modification ideas 321

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My SAK modification ideas
« on: April 13, 2021, 06:47:45 PM »
So I feel like I have finally done enough research to make my first post and have your opinions, criticisms and advice. Feel free to post links to information I may have missed in my research.

Many people are installing spyderco blades which I also think are cool. Am I correct in saying these are not only fitted because of the one hand opening but also because the pivot point is on the blade side which allows it to sit correctly when closed and the curvature of the blade is not too extreme that the point sticks out. I've tried finding other blades that could also work. The boker xs and kizer zipslip may be a nice options for thicker drop point knives. I think it would be good to to have a definitive list of knives that work.

Secondly, pliers! I have a wacky idea to fit the pliers from the ranger grip to a smaller sak like the 91mm with a modified shorter and narrower handle. Also has anyone  modified a pocket grip to something more ergonomic and aestetically balanced.

Furthermore, which drill bits have people found to work best before I invest in some. Carbide/titanium/cobalt? Any other tool or consumable reccomendations.

For the people who make their own backsprings what material are you using? How difficult have you found it making them by hand to ensure you get the tolerances to perform the SAK click.

P.S. I'm a marine engineer by trade and modifying things of all kinds is my hobby. Recently just went back to swiss army knifes after my leatherman was knicked which replaced my SAK which was stole before that. Now have the full 21LE orange alox collection.
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Re: My SAK modification ideas
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2021, 08:34:44 AM »
Welcome Cappo,

I am a big fan of SAKs but I have only ever made very basic modifications to mine so I doubt that I will have much to add that will be helpful to you. 

I own a Rangergrip 78.  When trying to decide which one I wanted to buy, I was considering one of the models with the pliers, but in the end I didn't go for them because I couldn't find one with a one hand opening PE blade that also had pliers.  I think that the idea of putting Rangergrip sized pliers on a smaller sized tool seems daunting but if you think you can do it, I would be eager to see the results. (sounds cool) 

I don't have any experience changing out the blades on a SAK style multi tool, so I cant really help there.  I have been changing and modifying blades and other tools to a plier based multitool for a while now.  I had a great deal of difficulty drilling through hardened knife steel.  I smoked so many bits in the process that I was hesitant to invest in really expensive bits.  In the end, I got the job done with a combination of glass cutting bits and masonry bits from harbor freight.  I am sure others have more helpful advice. 

Good luck. 



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