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on: May 15, 2021, 02:43:22 AM
When I first got into thinking about putting a website together, it became clear to me that high quality - high resolution photos would be necessary. I'm no professional photographer, but I bought a decent camera, a SONY A6000 mirrorless 24MP model and gained important knowledge from experienced photographers. Anyway, with a light box, post production software and a little imagination I've been posting some SOG Art on social media. Nothing against cell phone photos, but I wanted to elevate my game and show the world just how awesome SOG products really are. Hence, I have a Family and Art pages on the site. Anyway, I get the technical side of knowing what version your PowerPlier and all the accessories, but strived to be artistic without looking stupid - LOL! It has been kind of fun to put SOG multitools in a different perspective, so I'm interested what others think. I'm not looking for compliments, so bash me if necessary. I have thick skin and want to know your thoughts.  Best, Jay
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