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A weird SwissTech camping tool with fire starter 255

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A weird SwissTech camping tool with fire starter
« on: June 10, 2021, 10:09:27 PM »

I picked this up for $8 off of Amazon last week. Today it's $33. Tomorrow who knows?

I wouldn't pay $33 for it, but it's not a bad tool. The blades are sharp. The tool feels solid. The pliers are decent and spring loaded. The fire steel has a whistle integrated into the handle -- though I had to use the knife to dig some extra flashing off the whistle before it would blow. It's quite loud and works well. The serrated blade has a notch in it specifically for use with the fire steel, so you don't wear down a blade. The backs of the blades are too rounded and smooth to be used to make sparks, and that would wear off the black coating.  The blades have good lockup with individual liner locks. The pliers open with a solid SNAP. The screwdriver bit slides out and is probably the least useful too because of the limited reach. But at least it has something. The can opener/bottle opener combo is great. The tool itself is rather large and very heavy. It comes with a nice hard nylon sheath too.

Personally, I think the firesteel is a gimmick. BIC lighters are inexpensive, effective, available everywhere, and tiny. I'd rather it had a corkscrew to go along with the opener. I've seen a similar tool with a corkscrew and the bottle opener was used as a foot to open the wine easily.

Still, for $8 I'm really pleased with the tool. For $33 I'd pass though.




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