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Fireproof bags

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Fireproof bags
on: June 15, 2021, 03:50:20 PM
Stumpled unto this emergency bag...
usually, I don't post stuff like, as I think most of these kits are mediocre (yeah, I actually think all of them are absolute garbage, but trying to be polite here :D).
However, this one has an interesting bag that is both water- and fire-proof  (apparently with certificate, not sure what it really means though, but a quick google check tells me that B1 is pretty decent). Honestly, I would be interested if the bag was empty...

But that made me think. Does anyone have/use a fireproof bag? Does it work?

P.S.: just realized that a lot of people use them to safely charge their e-bike batteries. I think that is a pretty good idea.
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