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Noble Outfitters Viper Knife--$7

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Noble Outfitters Viper Knife--$7
on: July 22, 2021, 04:23:53 AM
Normally, clothing company knives suck. Noble Outfitters and their sister company (First Tactical) seem to actually put effort into their knife lines  I have the Hunter, which is similar to the Viper, just a little newer and plain-edge. It also has a deep-carry clip, which the Viper does not. At 3.7" closed, it's close to my favorite size for a knife. Steel is 440A, as were most. They have decent edges on them out of the box, though I recommend tuning them a bit.

Noble Outfitters split into two brands in 2019; and the knife line was discontinued. They were not huge sellers, and enjoy big discounts.

Found they were on sale completely by accident here for $7. MSRP was a little over $20. .  At least it ain't one of the more effeminate or weird (zebra stripe) colors. This is a lime green color; which should be lose proof.

But if you're like me and don't order horse stuff anymore, Amazon is a little cheaper at $11 shipped (but I do try to avoid Amazon) and has most of the colors they offered. That's the way I'm going, as my grandmother ends up losing most of the knives I've given her, and they can't all be green (I've actually decided upon red, not green).

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