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Klein TripSaver 1016 553

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Klein TripSaver 1016
« on: July 31, 2021, 02:43:56 AM »
I had a review for this MT mostly written 2 or 3 months ago, but the laptop I was using had a harddrive failure and my work was lost. I decided to reproduce it now before the 2021 Daredevil Challenge. I only have 1 picture of it at the moment. I will upload more later.

Klein TripSaver 1016

Please ignore the Toolzall

Weight - 247 g
Weight with pouch - 320 g
Length - 14.8 cm
Handle splay - 10.8 cm
Plier opening - 4.6 cm
Girth - 9.4 cm

The Klein TripSaver 1016 is a needlenose version of the KutMaster MultiMaster, a MT that has been around since the late 1980's according to the Multitool wiki. It comes with a trailing point blade, a serrated blade, a awl, a drywall saw, and a file with a chisel edge and with wire stripper notches. Also included are hex bits, 1/4" socket adapter, and a nylon pouch (the bits and socket adapter fit into the end of the handle).

When an implement is opened and the handle closed, there is a tab on the handle that fits into a notch in the implement, effectively locking the implement in place.

The trailing point plain edge blade comes sharp enough to push cut paper. The serrated blade is not as sharp, but is capable of cutting paracord and rope.

The awl has a sharp point and edge and can easily punch a hole in a leather belt. The edge can be uses as a scraper.

The saw has a single row of backward facing medium-sized teeth. It is capable of cutting through a peice of 1"×2" wood and 1/2" PVC conduit. However, the kerf is basically the same width as the body of the saw, so it tends to bind when cutting thicker media. And I am dubious of how well the saw will cut drywall. Straight cuts should be no problem, though the blunt nose may make starting a cut somewhat difficult. But the width of the saw blade will make cutting circles and curves difficult to cut properly.

The file is very good. It has an aggressive cut and removes material well. The wire stripper notches work well for solid wire from 18 awg to 10 awg. And the chisel edge at the end of the file should be quite useful as a scraper/gouge. My only complaint is that pulling the file out tends to pull the plain edge blade out some also, exposing the tip of the blade. I was cut twice by the tip of the blade in 10 minutes while trying out the file.

I found using the MT as a screwdriver (via the bits) to be somewhat awkward due to the bit holder being more off-center than the typical MT. But you can definitely use it to tighten and loosen screws.

The plier head works well for tightening and loosening  nuts and bolts. It can handle larger nuts and bolts than the typical MT. It has a fairly blunt bypass wire cutters. The cutters can cut a variety of wire types. However, due to the bluntness of the cutters larger diameter wire tends to be pushed out of the bypass cutters, so some effort is needed to hold the larger wire in place in order to cut it. Also due to the bluntness of the cutters, extra force is needed to complete cuts. This tends to send the ends of the wire flying, and the handles snap together. Several times I have almost pinched my hand while cutting wire. Finally, there is no hard wire cutting notch.

Overall, I have found the TripSaver to be solid but awkward to use. Perhaps more use will change my opinion, but the MT just did not work well in my hand.

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Re: Klein TripSaver 1016
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2021, 02:38:54 AM »
It is an interesting tool and I hope to see more thoughts about it later :cheers: :like:



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