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First Look: Tasmanian Tiger Modular TAC Pack 28

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First Look: Tasmanian Tiger Modular TAC Pack 28
on: August 13, 2023, 11:17:12 AM
I have to admit it, I'm not as fast as I used to be. Over forty, you have to work to maintain your physical fitness, it doesn't just fly at you anymore.
So SOS is the motto, Slower, Older, Smarter.

The developers of the Modular 28 seem to have thought along similar lines. New for 2023 from Tasmanian Tiger comes another innovation to the established "Modular" series. With the eponymous 28 liters slightly smaller than the original model, but with "smart" enhancements that definitely make the pack interesting.
By the way, the "Slow" in this review clearly refers to me, I wanted to put this on paper a long time ago....

Let's take a first look at the pack:

For comparison, I'm 183cm tall at 84kg.

The Modular 28, thanks to its slim design, does not restrict movement in any way, and wears very comfortably.
Sometimes I wonder why I even mention this at TT, does anyone know of an uncomfortable TT backpack?

Here's a close up, you can clearly see the kinship with the Modular 30:

Carrying System:
28 liters is not the world, so here we have the Padded Back carrying system, along with chest strap, load control straps and simple hip strap, a two-piece hip belt can be purchased as an accessory, which  then is called "TT Molle Hip Belt". I did without, 28 liters I still manage even now ;-)

I also removed the hip strap, here you can see the assembly:

Here is the velcro area for the Molle Hip Belt:

A Warrior Belt cannot be looped through, the pocket does not reach through to the other side.

Now we come to the shoulder straps, as already mentioned, very comfortable, sufficiently padded and top processed. To find load control straps in this size class is rather rare, here they are perfectly placed and actually make a noticeable difference.
I thread the straps through the Lasercut Molle, four slots are available on both sides.
You could also attach a toolpouch or compass pouch.

By the way, the chest strap is infinitely adjustable.
Who would like to attach a carabiner, there is a suitable loop here:

There is no quick release, I don't think it's mandatory for the size.

Before we look at the interior, let's take a look at the special features.
On the right side we find a receptacle for shockcord, a matching piece including CordLock can be found in one of the interior pockets upon delivery:

Thread that through and you can secure elongated items.

Whether it's an antenna, shooting stick or walking stick, it all fits beautifully.

On the front, there is ample daisychain (shockcord also included) to stow jackets, rain gear, etc.

A shallow front pocket is also on board, a map, kufiya or similar will fit nicely.

On the bottom left you will find the traditional Hypalon tab, no TT without it. :-)

Removable compression straps are found on both sides, including double row Molle for supplemental pockets.

A loop at the bottom on both sides to mount additional accessories.

A quick look at the top. Next to the load control straps and the handle we find the center outlet for drinking tube or cable.

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Re: First Look: Tasmanian Tiger Modular TAC Pack 28
Reply #1 on: August 13, 2023, 11:17:36 AM
The Modular 28 comes with another special feature:
Bottom Straps!!!!

Painfully missed by many users in its predecessors, the Modular 28 now comes with the option to mount sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tents or similar outside the backpack. Good job lads!

The underside here is underlaid with anti-slip material, I suspect it to be a Hypalon variant.
There's nothing slippery about it.

As of now, the nominal 2 liter difference from the Modular 30 doesn't matter anymore, what doesn't fit in goes underneath.

And speaking of "fit in", the interior is very "smartly" divided:
The zipper opens to almost 180 degrees, the front flap offers three transparent zipper compartments. For size comparison filled with a Spyderco Salt, a 111mm Victorinox, a Classic, Olight i3E and a fat powerbank from Anker, including cable. Underneath, three rows of Velcro, here equipped with an Organizer Pouch with a Supertool 300, Nextorch TA30 and Nextorch Walker baton.

On the back we find four mesh pockets on the sides, two per side. Large enough for the 0.5 Nalgene or even a Finnish 1L bottle. Due to my age, a glasses case is now also part of the EDC....

The back is lined with Velcro as usual, and at the top we find a Velcro tab and a loop for mounting a hydration bladder.

Out of curiosity I took out the two piece back frame, the aluminum brace can be removed and adjusted to the back if needed.

The modular concept has been complemented here with a slightly smaller and civilian friendly model, the 28 liters are about right in everyday life, the cut and features as usual well thought out and at absolutely top notch manufacturing level.

Those who are out for a capable, classic DayPack, look no further.

As always, if you have any questions just ask!




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