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Maxpedition Pygmy II Vs. Typhoon.

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Maxpedition Pygmy II Vs. Typhoon.
on: September 16, 2021, 02:22:14 AM
Been using a school pack from my years of taking college classes during my late homeschool (high school) years as my start to carrying an EDC pack; and it is really poorly suited to EDC. Fits awfully, front pocket is inadequate for EDC, and is poorly made. I've decided it's time I moved to a Maxpedition instead of a Jansport. These that I have chosen have smaller (13 and 19 liters respectively, vs. 30 for the old USGI pack I have)

I have a USGI Three Day Assault Pack, and that pack was a mistake. Too big for most jobs, and very heavy for what it is. So many straps to hang on stuff that I never use. My existing Wenger is designed to pack clothes in, and I use it as an overnight bag.

Due to the BOGO sale on Legacy items, I may end up buying both, as I feel for a hiking/farm work pack, the Typhoon is better. The Pygmy Falcon II I really like (and prefer for EDC, as it's a hybrid between a common backpack you'll find in stores and a tactical pack. Both of these are in colors more suited to EDC; as they only have Wolf Gray in stock for the Pygmy, and black for the Typhoon.

So, one (or both) of these or possibly something else? The Gearslingers have been tempting, but I prefer a pack with two straps. But, they are attractive as mostly, I have the pack for items I used to carry in pockets, but after moving to gym shorts from carpenter's jeans, can no longer carry on my person. So, the Gearslinger may be attractive there.

And what pouches and organizers do you recommend? I will likely end up transferring some of my existing pouches over from the USGI pack; but plan to get some bigger ones as well. Luckily, those that I bought that were not USGI are black or coyote, so don't look out of place.

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Re: Maxpedition Pygmy II Vs. Typhoon.
Reply #1 on: September 16, 2021, 10:12:55 PM
I have a Pygmy Falcon that I used for several years as an edc pack while in the Navy.  I do not know anything about the Typhoon. 

It is a well-made pack that is still in great shape and comfortable to carry.  It has a good amount of room in it.  For the most part I really liked it and found it fit my needs.  The front organization pocket is awesome and keeps a lot of the edc (MT, knife, flashlight, pen, etc) organized and at easy reach.  The volume was great for a coat or some extra clothes or a lunch. 

There are a few things that I just don’t really like about the pack. 
-  Because of the front organizer pocket not being flush with the bottom of the bag and protruding out, the bag has a tendency to tip forward.  The only way I found to fix that is by putting something somewhat bulky in the bungee below the pocket or just ensuring when the bag is put down it angles back.
- The small pocket in the middle of the main compartment.  This pocket makes absolutely no sense to me.  It prevent anything big from laying flat against the back of the bag.  If the bag is full, you have to dig to get to it.  There is a pass through behind it, so I think it is meant to keep a hydration bladder against the back, but to me it is just strange.

I’ve tried several in its category and size range, but always seem to go back to it.



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