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Gas Station MRE II -- second helpings...

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Re: Gas Station MRE II -- second helpings...
Reply #330 on: May 14, 2022, 10:59:19 AM
i had to adjust my chow day menu.
i suffered  freak accident yesterday,fracturing my jaw and breaking some teeth,i cannot use my entire MRE.
i had surgery this morning to mend my jaw. i'm fortunate that i still breathing.
out of necissity,all i can eat right now are the Lemon Creams,dipped in tea,so i don't have to chew [i'm not being "hardcore",that's really all i can stomach or eat now].
i had planned on  prepping my stuff on a camping stove but will have to scrap that idea.
i had to skip breakfast,supper will be the same as lunch.
20220502_134004 by Humayd a r Mahomedy, on Flickr

20220502_134036 by Humayd a r Mahomedy, on Flickr
That sounds like an awful injury.  Well wishes for quick healing.



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