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Swiss Army Knives SAK for Swaps - I have, I want.

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Swiss Army Knives SAK for Swaps - I have, I want.
on: August 19, 2022, 07:48:51 PM
I have:

1. 91mm Imperial Schrade Waiter style branded ISC. Unused.
2. 91mm Walker style with corkscrew, scorched wood and waxed scales. This was put together by me. All Victorinox parts except scales.
3. 91mm Passenger style. This was put together by me. All Victorinox parts.
4. 91mm Climber with wooden painted scales with WW2 RAF SEAC maritime colour scheme and markings. This was put together by me. I doubt you'll see another one. All Victorinox parts excepts the main blade and scales which come from an Adler. The Victorinox blade was broken.
5. 91mm unused Victorinox Huntsman, sapphire scales, fantastic presentation box with Swiss ambassador compliments slip.
6. 91mm Victorinox Ranger, boxed, I can't remember ever using this. I bought it for parts for a modification which I never undertook.
7. 93mm Unused Victorinox Nespresso Dharkan, boxed.
8. 90mm AMEFA Dutch army knife.

My items are in the UK. I will post internationally.

I'm interested in the following Victorinox SAKs

1. 93mm red Alox KnifeCenter Farmer X.
2. 93mm Alox Farmer X.
3. 93mm old cross red Alox.
4. 91mm Hudson Bay branded, white with coloured stripes.
5. 91mm Pendleton branded, blanket design
6. 91mm Airstream branded, aluminium caravan


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