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Tips / Question for you: What do have in your Multi Tool belt sheath ?

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Just some tips.. When I'm out traveling to certain client / stakeholder sites I have a lot of gear with me in my car. I also carry on me at all times a multi tool in a belt sheath. In that sheath, I use one of those small snack size zip-loc bags and I put some band-aids as well as those small alcohol wipe prep pads in there and then fold the zip-loc bag small and stuff it into the belt sheath.

The first reason is quick first aid, you never know when you may need a band-aid for a cut. And the alcohol prep wipes are not only useful for cleaning cuts either.

What happened to me yesterday is the sandwich place that I went to on route to my client / stakeholder site, did not cut my sub sandwich in half. I didn't have time to go back so I cleaned off and sterilized my saw on my WorkPro multi tool and carefully cut the sub sandwich in half (make sure you don't get close to the pivot points as oil and dust is usually in that area) then cleaned it again with the alcohol pad and some paper towels.  It works and just another reason why I carry a multi tool. You would be surpised how many thing you can put into your multi tool sheath.

Sometimes I also put a few over the counter pain medicine like Advil or Aleve in one of those small snack sized zip-loc bags and keep them on the bottom of the sheath. It works. - OHT
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I got enough stuff hanging on my keychain not to call it a keychain since there’s only two keys on it, but there’s a bottle of hand sanitizer, a mini sak, a mini flashlight, and a mini roll of duct tape, of course let’s not forget the keychain store swipes,,
But a little trick I did for an absolute mini fak, you know those photo holders that some wallets have, cut one up they fit diff size bandaids along with alcohol wipes, and well you know it fits in a wallet, here’s an old crappy pic, the one one on the right is with everything open and the two on the left is all ready to go,,
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On those occasions when I carry a multi in a sheath, only the multi is in the sheath. I'll have to inspect the sheath (which I'm pretty sure is a Leatherman MOLLE), but I don't think it has a second pocket. As accident-prone as I can be, I may have to assemble a compact FAK. The photo holder idea is really good, too!
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One to four layers of SAK is (usually) best for me.

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In most of the tools that actually need a sheath:

The tool itself is often Super Tool 300, MP600, Rebar, or SwissTool Standard/Spirit XC.

LM Removable Bit Adapter with an assortment of flat bits from the larger bit kit--aka the ones I actually need to tear 99.5% of stuff down for repairs in the field.

If I'm carrying the SwissTool, I put away the Bit Adapter and carry a small 1/4-bit ratchet and the small clip of bits it comes with (again, customized to fit the stuff I usually need to fix).

Small Flashlight--Olight i3T, Maglite AAA Mini Maglite LED, Maglite Solitaire LED.

Pocket Wrench II (I often also have a 4" adjustable wrench and/or Knipex 125mm Cobra pliers in my pocket somewhere)

Tire Gauge

If I'm using the Gerber CustomFit Quadl sheath--I will also add a Buck 110 and my Knipex 125mm Cobra pliers, a Sharpie, and a small prybar into the other pouch attached to the sheath. I try to avoid carrying that one, as it's heavy loaded up in full.

I often have a Gerber Sapper/EOD kit pouch attached via MOLLE to the side of my backpack, and it often carries

Tool and Bit Kit

Victorinox RangerGrip Gardener--massive blade, saw, and scissors on the same tool

Short linesman's pliers (8" or less)

Knipex 200mm Cobolt Bolt Cutters (which is used for cutting fence wire in the smallest footprint I could find)

Small bottle brush (for clean outs of the spring box's screen)

Small light in the "tip" pouches.

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My Vic Spirit rides in it's sheath when I rock it.
I knew my wife was a keeper when she transitioned from calling it a knife thingy to a multi-tool.

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