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Review: Ashine Multi-tool 17-in-1

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Review: Ashine Multi-tool 17-in-1
on: August 12, 2022, 03:51:10 PM
*Somewhere in the southeast, U.S.A. the sun rises.. A man leaps out of his chair after realizing an unexpected delivery occurred. He opens his mailbox and holds a small box and opens it for closer inspection… “This isn’t the multi tool your looking for.. “ - the man says to himself quoting Obi-Wan-Kenobi...

Today I (Old Happy Tiger / OHT) am reviewing of the Ashine Multi Tool. I bought this multi tool with my own money off of Amazon. I carry and use inexpensive tools like this while working on certain client / stakeholder sites working in various security fields. Also when I’m at home as well.

This story around the opening dialog of this review…Is either Amazon or USPS screwed up the shipping of this multi tool to me. I saw that there was a shipping issue early on, and two Amazon representatives did not do anything initially to help me… So I did this.. And this is a big tip for you guys who are reading my review today, always ask for a supervisor even in an online “chat” conversation on the Amazon site. The supervisor told me that the item looks like it is lost, and because the other two employees said everything was fine initially with the shipping, they refunded my money. They also told me if I do get this multi tool, I can keep it.. again IF I get it. I was looking on USPS tracking web site even last night for like two weeks after the fact, and no movement at all.
It looks like some thing on the USPS side was screwed up, as the location that it was shipped out from, is totally different... Like they switched it after the fact and it was shipped out north from my location. Very strange.. I am expecting another new multi tool hopefully this weekend and will post a review on that one.. So again getting this below today was 100% unexpected:

Ashine Multi-tool 17-in-1

Company Description:

Tools include combination pliers, wire cutter, knife, wood saw, spring assisted scissors, metal file, flat and flat head and philps head screwdrivers, can/bottle openers, rope cutter
* 1.jpg (Filesize: 198.81 KB)

This multi tool is a bit lighter than the WorkPro multi tool that I reviewed prior.. estimated this one about 11 ounces? It was around $18.00 USD give or take, and again with inflation that is about $4.00 to $5.00 USD higher than a year to two years ago. All metal, from what I learned SUS420J2 steel, higher chromium than any other 420 variants, so great corrosion resistance but less edge retention because of little to zero carbon. To me, I like that as I can easily re-hone or re-profile the edge if needed while traveling point to point. Origins of the steel is two locations, made in Japan or Shanghai.

The multi-tool pliers open REALLY smooth, very impressed with that. The tools seem to work fine, they open really well and there are two push buttons that “un-locks” the tools when they are deployed (see one of those in the second picture) and there is no play in the blades or tools, which is good. One cool thing is one of the tools is a small and fine straight screw driver, like a micro one almost like the size for adjusting reading / sight glasses. Never seen that before.
* 2.jpg (Filesize: 293.45 KB)

The cutters of the pliers work well, not 100% sure what steel the pliers are. The knife was fairly sharp, I DID need to touch of the edge using some thin cardboard along the edge to re-hone it a bit did not take long. The scissors are WICKED sharp! They work well, I know this because when closing the scissors, I was not careful this morning and sliced my finger a bit.. Not too bad a small sliver cut and I have first aid in one of my small packs right next to me so I fix my finger up… But as a pre-caution, need to close the scissors by the back of the tool as the front can fold forwards and upwards.

Like all of my new knives and multi tools, I soak the multi-tool in a tupperware plastic bin with warm water and some dawn dish soap. I then used some balistol gun oil on all the pivot points. I always do that no matter if there is an issue or not (more in the cons’ list below on the pivot point washers). I also SLIGHTLY tightened the pivot point screws. To note the screws in the pivot point uses a size T-10 Torx/Star bit. All the tools were solid right of the bat with no play or wiggle, but I again I always do that on new multi-tools and knife. To note, the pliers use larger plastic black washers as the pivot point ends of the handles. The tools use a steel or aluminum washers at their respective pivot point. Also the pivot points require two drivers on both sides as the are coupled together.

Also to note, one side of the handle has a pocket clip for “tip-down” carry in orientation to the knife.

There is also a sheath that comes with it, not hard but softer nylon.

A bit on the heavy side but not too bad. Seems very solid.

Tools work well, love the small and fine straight “jewelers like” screw driver

Pliers work great, not any handle wiggle at all in the one I got.

Watch the folding scissors! Don’t cut your skinners (fingers) when closing.

Larger plastic washers for the plier pivot points.. Hmmm.. Square not round. Looks like a knife back spacers? They work well.. but time will tell..

Knife needs to be re-honed a bit, at least with the model that I have here.

Glad I got this one, looks good so far and I’ve tested out the tools and they work as intended. - OHT
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Re: Review: Ashine Multi-tool 17-in-1
Reply #1 on: August 13, 2022, 05:12:03 AM
Another great detailed review! :tu: And I've never tried using cardboard to touch up an edge. That has me curious.
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Re: Review: Ashine Multi-tool 17-in-1
Reply #2 on: August 13, 2022, 12:11:25 PM
Another great detailed review! :tu: And I've never tried using cardboard to touch up an edge. That has me curious.

Thank You  :salute:  One site location that I worked years back, there was guy who was in security forces at a certain branch of the DoD that always re-honed his knife blade in the same manner, but on the underside of the ring of his coffee cup being ceramic... And I still do that sometimes another great method. But for a more portable method, I use the thin card board from cereal boxes or other boxes of that very thin stuff over the years and found it is great. I always cut those thin strips and have them in the knife sheaths themselves and other my other pouches and packs.

Card board has sand and other abrasive properties to it. I take a long thin piece of that card board, fold it in half so is it stronger to hold on to, and Just hold the blade upright. Then moving the card board lightly along the edge of the blade, following the tip to the tang of the blade really smooths out any mill / grain marks in the metal. I always do that if a new knife is not sharp or after I use a knife to keep it re-honed and ready for next use. I also do the counting method that I learned going way back 3 swipes one side, 3 swipes one the other side.. or whatever equal number / amounts I want to do.
That way there is none of that metal "roll over" or burrs on the edge.               
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Re: Review: Ashine Multi-tool 17-in-1
Reply #3 on: January 24, 2023, 06:09:10 PM
As an update to this review. This one is slight doing well, I carry this in one of my work bags. It's got a weight on my belt when I do wear it. It's holding up well.
"One day as a tiger is worth a thousand as a sheep."



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