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SOL Camper Starter Kit.

ca Offline Chako

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SOL Camper Starter Kit.
on: December 22, 2022, 01:46:28 AM
I originally found this over at Walmart, and said to myself that you do not need this at all for your collection. Well that broke down when I noticed one opened box with a nice reduced price on the box. I opened the tapped up box and quickly ascertained that nothing was missing...and bought it. So much for sticking to my guns.

20221221_173621A by Chako, on Flickr

The reason why I wasn't going to buy this SOL kit at its original retail price was mostly due to its contents. A very big all season survival blanket is included. This item takes up most of the included backpack's internal space. A camp shovel is also included. Now to me, this is just a garden trowel. I guess camp shovel sounds a lot better. Frankly, I guess this is mostly for latrine duty. The kit also contains some handy parachute cord, some fire kindling, and the usual fire steel and striker. Oh, and before I forget to mention this, a neat little camping light is included. This one is a bit weird. Pull open the light once to get a regular white LED. Close and pull it open a second time gives you a weird yellow flickering mode that does its best to mimic a candle. Not sure why they included this mood lighting mode, but it sure is different.

20221221_173650A by Chako, on Flickr

Everything sort of fits in here. Surprisingly mostly taken up by the largish blanket.

20221221_173717A by Chako, on Flickr

The contents of this kit.

20221221_173847A by Chako, on Flickr

Normal white LED mode.

20221221_173918A by Chako, on Flickr

Candle flickering mood lighting mode.

20221221_173932A by Chako, on Flickr

Final thoughts. I most certainly wouldn't have bought this at retail price. The included blanket can be used as a temporary shelter or as a blanket. It does take up a lot of room, but at least it isn't that flimsy survival plastic sheathing you tend to get as a survival blanket in most kits. The poop trowel can have its uses, but calling this a shovel is going too far. The included rope, fire kindling, and fire starter are ok. The lamp has an included cool mood mode. This is annoying as there appears to be a memory function. If you use the LED light, you have to remember to open, close, and re-open the lamp to get back to the white mode after use, otherwise you will get the candle mood lighting which doesn't throw much light.

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wales Offline GearedForwards

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Re: SOL Camper Starter Kit.
Reply #1 on: December 22, 2022, 04:56:14 PM
A trowel wouldn't be too bad, but it seems plastic and blunt? So not good for anything but already loose soil...

I have a lantern in that pull fashion, but it is... well much more practical. It's made by Etekcity I think and a handy one to have around. Pull up to turn on, button to cycle through brightness/red mode, can run on 18650s or AAs and has built in charging/powerbank function.

At least you got the kit on sale!
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Re: SOL Camper Starter Kit.
Reply #2 on: December 22, 2022, 06:56:31 PM
Not a bad kit at the sale price, but depending on quality not sure I would have wanted to purchase at full price.

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Re: SOL Camper Starter Kit.
Reply #3 on: December 22, 2022, 09:38:20 PM
Calling this a shovel is going too far.
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