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Victorinox Swiss Tool MXBS with Cap Crimpers

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Victorinox Swiss Tool MXBS with Cap Crimpers
on: March 04, 2023, 01:08:05 PM
The following happened to me. It really did. In reality - not in a dream!

A short while ago I had a small conversation with a Vic sales rep. We both didn’t have much time, so after a few minutes we both went our own way, however not before he gave me a Classic SD as a gift. That was of course a very nice gesture, but nothing compared with what happened later on.
The next day I talked to him again. Chitchatting about knives and tools. He showed me the Australian Spirit MXBS. I had never handled one, and I was curious about the studs. In fact, I don’t like studs on a blade. They get in the way, sometimes have sharp edges, and don’t fit well into the pouches. At least, that’s what was on my mind. However, handling this MXBS did change my opinion. The studs on the Spirit MXBS were very good to handle!
Then he showed me the larger, black Swiss Tool. It had also two studs on the main blade and on the belt cutter!! Plus Cap Crimpers!!! These Swiss Tools were exclusively made for the Swiss Army Explosives Engineers (“Mineurs”), hence the engraved logo. I asked if it was allowed to take pictures and place them on the internet. The answer was ‘Yes, of course’. So, here they are! (Only had my iPhone to take these snap shots.)
Unfortunately the knife was not for sale. It was just ment as an example of Vic’s ability to supply its customers with speSmurfpillsed multi-tools.

After thanking him for the conversation, we shook hands and he said “oh, please wait a second, I noticed you are very well informed about our knives”, grabbed a small box out of his suitcase and gave me a brand new Spirit - for free! The pictures on the box showed me it was either a MX or a MXBS. I took a quick look and saw it was the MX version. I really was somewhat flabbergasted by this gift! After thanking him many times, I went on with my journey.
A couple of days later I finally had the time to explore my new Vic Spirit MX. To my suprise it wasn’t exactly a Spirit MX! In a separate thread I will inform you about my findings on the MX that isn’t an MX, but is an MXBS without the Blackened Steel…

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us Offline Barry Rowland

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Re: Victorinox Swiss Tool MXBS with Cap Crimpers
Reply #1 on: March 04, 2023, 01:24:01 PM
That's an amazing story with an incredible finish! 

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Re: Victorinox Swiss Tool MXBS with Cap Crimpers
Reply #2 on: March 05, 2023, 07:08:16 AM
Where did you get to have this conversation?

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Re: Victorinox Swiss Tool MXBS with Cap Crimpers
Reply #3 on: March 05, 2023, 09:19:38 AM
Excellent story, EMZ!  :cheers:



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