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Top 5 Multitools

Offline Djiaux

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Re: Top 5 Multitools
Reply #30 on: March 10, 2023, 10:49:27 PM
DISCLAIMER: Total N00bZ making this list.

1 - Victorinox Spirit X. Long time fan of Victorinox SAKs, this multitool is simply sweet and I could purchase it way cheaper than a Leatherman.
2 - Gerber Scout MP600. Thoughter multitool, very nice too and you can use those Ganzo adapters (yes, Gerber too, but I couldn't purchase one even in big retailers, lolz) and jigsaw blades (if you can find or adapt them)
3 - Nextool Sailor Mini. Such a nice very affordable multitool. Close to pocket perfection.
4 - Paul Chen Professional multitool. For some reason I love this big scissors multitool. Really affordable, quality is good and those scissors you aren't going to find elsewere. Love to carry it for gardening. Like the blade. Ganzo adapter too. Bad minipliers. Difficult to find in Europe.
5 - Huo Hou Mini. Again scissors. This one is good for pocket carrying and to have on your desk, package killer. Scissors are very nice and rest of the tools too. I would L O V E this tool if it had a 2D philips. Seriously, Why no philips? Anyhow, really like it.

3 and 5 make for good stress balls. You can be on endless meetings in front of your computer while you open and close all tools, use the scissors or pliers, etc.

Honorary mentions: Nextool Black Knight. Another one good for desk use and small jobs. I love the Pliers / Scissors combinatoion BUT the scissors (while not weak) could be stronger, that spring looks like you have to be careful with what you cut. Comes with a Ganzo adapter too, medium size, in general I love it but it feels like they were not 100% sure about what to do with this tool. Comes only in black, in a not so good black.

And as I'm a noob: Noob tip - Some chinese retailers in that-big-placexpres are selling what looks like Ganzo adapters BUT they are not, they are not 1/4 of an inch big, they are a little smaller, they don't fit on a MP600 screwdriver, omg, I didn't read the specifications properly, I wasted 5 dollars... ha, turns out they fit very well on the philips screwdriver of a Spirit X. I have a Ganzo adapter for my Spirit X now. Nice. (maybe not for big jobs though, but can be helpful)

Have a nice weekend everyone.

00 Offline Grand_Banana

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Re: Top 5 Multitools
Reply #31 on: March 11, 2023, 02:29:54 AM
Great thread!  As I was thinking about my list I realized I’ve got 2 categories, primary pliers based MT and primary SAK.  I may have bent the rules a bit here…

Primary are typically pliers based MT:

1. Vic Swisstool Spirit X: all the tools I typically need, except the bit driver.  Handles most round the house and DIY tasks. Great hiking and camping companion.
2. Leatherman Wave+: missing a few of the tools I like from the Spirit. Bit driver and replaceable wire cutters are nice. Handles a good amount of DIY and round the house tasks, especially if I’m working with different bits.
3. Leatherman PST/PSTII: great daily carries to pair with a SAK.

My top 3 are almost always paired with a SAK, such as a Waiter, Electrician, or Compact (in order with 1, 2, and 3)

SAKs include

4. Vic Swisschamp: best hiking and camping companion.
5. Vic Explorer: perfect daily pocket carry.

But, I’ve saved the best for last: Midnite Minichamp is always in my pocket with everything above!

us Offline mashguy4077

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Re: Top 5 Multitools
Reply #32 on: March 14, 2023, 06:16:30 AM
Can’t believe nobody mentioned the full-size Swisstool.

It and the Spirit are the only tools I’ll ever carry  :multi:

ru Offline madfishcat

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Re: Top 5 Multitools
Reply #33 on: March 20, 2023, 06:44:03 PM
swisstool is too heavy. my top 5 - swisstool X spirit, sog paratool, old, with thick frames, LM fuse, gerber mp600, LM juice CS4



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